Love Advice for Relationship Equilibrium

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So what is a state of love equilibrium? Well here my friends we will address the very relevant issues of love & relationship equilibrium – pertaining to love advice.

Elements of love Relationship Equilibrium:

Fun; No two people in any love relationship are ever the same. But one things for sure – without FUN present, as one of the key equilibrium elements a relationship will find itself lacking in the warmth and adventurous spirit, needed for full relationship balance & enjoyment.

Relaxation; Finding ways to relax both individually & together as partners in your relationship is an element truly VITAL to taking in your full LOVE experience together, – Heart, Mind, Body, & Soul!

Stimulation; each of us in our relationship has our own set of interests and passions, some of which have not yet been discovered. But it’s worth considering at the relationship level, the added BOND that sharing our interests in our partnership can bring. This does not imply we need to share all of each other’s interests, only that those interests we discover in common, when explored, can greatly ‘heighten’ the repore and enjoyment, of the time you spend together with your LOVER.

Intimacy; this term indicates far more than simply being close to your lover physically! In fact true intimacy with your lover occurs on all levels of the Self, such as emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically, as well as at the relational level itself. Terms which are frequently used to describe the intimate experience include: Comfortable, connected, balanced, in sync, close, responsive, sensual, repore, in tuned, aware, and ‘soul mates’.

Support; much like intimacy support exists on many levels in a healthy, balanced relationship. Emotional support from our partner is pretty much common place, and this can be powerful when you & your lover communicate actively, openly, and easily, on a daily, basis, while practicing the fine art of unwinding, relaxation, and togetherness.

Sharing; the sharing experience is really one of any great relationship’s KEY elements. No matter how you slice it, if the time is not made daily, weekly, etc. – to simply be together, there really is NO relationship sharing experience in the true sense at all! Above all the rewards for both partners in a lover’s relationship, which are derived from sharing each other’s company, sharing via communication each other’s daily life experiences, gaining understanding, recognition, and support, through connecting beyond a superficial level are what LOVE is all about.

Love Advice for Relationship Equilibrium

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