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Smelly Dogs May Need Ablutions

Every week there is one date I faithfully keep: “ablutions” time with my dogs. I don’t know why we started calling it that – probably when I was completely and totally addicted to Regency Romance novels. According to Webster’s Dictionary, “ablutions” is “a washing of the body, especially as a religious ceremony.” We don’t actually […]

The Strange Story of Mickey and Sylvia's "Love Is Strange" | 50 Plus

When Mickey & Sylvia released "Love Is Strange" in late 1956, the track became a top 20 hit the next year; although innovative enough to influence artists like Jimi Hendrix, the song would be the duo's only chart success. Sharing the composer credit are Mickey Baker, Sylvia Robinson and Ellas McDaniel, better known as Bo […]

Book Review: Everybody Wants A Hit | 50 Plus

Author Derek Bose Publisher Jaico Books Price Rs 195 / – Pages 200 ISBN 9798179925583 There was a time where movies used to be running in cinema halls to packed capacity followed by Golden Jubilee or Silver Jubilee celebrations. But, in today's age of social media where attention span is very less one hard gets […]

3 Important Dating Tips For Women Over 60

Dating over sixty is supposed to be very satisfying. You need companionship, love and a shoulder to lean on through all. Women who are over 60 get into dating to pillar their lives and to enjoy their senior years in the appropriate company. Considering that there are fewer responsibilities at sixty, maybe because children are […]

Toe Curling Vision

Each year brings with it a whole new brand of crazy-making busyness. Listening to my clients, now seems to be even more intestinal than usual. So it's time to take a breath and revisit your vision for the year. Your vision is that picture of your whole life, as you want to manifest it – […]

Gifts for the Elderly That Can Help Them Remain Active and Healthy

Finding great gifts for the elderly can be frustrating because, after all, they already seem to have everything. Well, it's true that finding the right gift for a senior can be challenging, but there are things you can give that will please them while keeping them active and healthy. There is solid evidence that older […]

Why Women are Often Attracted to Older Men (The Sugar Daddy Phenomenon)

It's true to say that many young men, on reaching the age in their lives when pubescence takes control of their lateral thinking, find themselves fantasizing about older females, often twice their own age and upwards. For instance it's quite common for young men still at school age, testosterone flying everywhere, to have the 'hots' […]

Why Do The Elderly Love Babies So Much?

Ever notice how our elders simply light up when babies and kids come around? Ever notice how they stare at you and your little one as you walk through the mall or while you wait at the doctor's office? Ever notice how grandma always has a piece of candy for Jr. when he comes over […]

Maldives and Mauritius – Two Heavenly Honeymoon Destinations!

Maldives and Mauritius are two of the most enchanting Indian Ocean destinations that catch the fancy of tonnes of honeymooners and lure them to invest on tickets aboard flights and holiday packages for the two island countries. Two Indian Ocean holiday destinations – Maldives and Mauritius – rank among the very best when it comes […]

Fullfilling Your Dreams, As a Senior Citizen

Today there are 30 million seniors. In 2030 there will be 70 million. The senior years can be an opportunity to fulfill dreams. Think of how happy those 70 million seniors will be if they believe they still have time to live their dreams. Think of how much happier and better our world will be […]

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