Senior Dating

Great Lovers Are Made, Not Born

Most of us were taught that sex was all about "doing what comes naturally." Unfortunately for those of us who are still believers, just because sex is perfectly natural, does not mean it is naturally perfect. And for those of us of a certain age, it often sees as if nothing is naturally perfect anymore. […]

Products For the Elderly – Entertainment Products For Seniors

As people get older, there are fewer and fewer activities they can do. Many people are not able to go for a drive or go to the gym like younger people. So many family members take entertainment and the access to it for granted. In order to make your loved one as comfortable and entertained […]

Yandere Simulator – A Stealth Video Game For The PC

Yandere Simulator is a free video game for PC users. It is a stealth type video game where the players play as a high school girl named Ayano Aishi. She is in love with her senior, senpai and wants to attain his attention by any means possible. It is quite a unique game with an […]

Retirement: How Positive Affirmations Can Change a Senior’s Life

As a senior you have the opportunity to see the world with new eyes. Look at the great themes of life and you can have them or renew them. Love, creativity, immersion in nature, deep friendships, spirituality, sharing your knowledge and wisdom with others, continuing to offer your children and grandchildren guidance and understanding. What […]

100 Greatest Science Inventions of All Time

"All our civilization is based on invention; before invention, men lived on fruits and nuts and pine cones and slept in caves" so said Reginald Fessenden. So who would not be interested in knowing the development of civilization? Here is a book towards that goal! The book under review titled 100 Greatest Inventions of All […]

Pets – Life Enhancers in Senior Citizens' Life

It's an amazing observation of how people are in a good mood when they are holding a purring cat or playing with puppies and dogs. No matter what age you are, pet animals give us warmest feeling of love, care and importance. Pets are highly beneficial to kids and senior citizens. Today we will talk […]

Even Senior Citizens Can Make Money From Adsense

For senior citizens the really good news is that one can never be too old to make money from Adsense. And like any other online opportunity Google Adsense’s strict terms and conditions do not include an upper age limit. In fact senior citizens willing to learn in their old age and also to shrug off […]

The Older Man Looking for a Sexy New Love – Why He’s Not Finding Her

A 75 year-old man had been married 40+ years. His wife cooked and cleaned, took care of the kids who are now on their own, and he provided income. They had sex once in a while and took each other for granted. He was content, she was sort of happy and then she died, and […]

How Can Widowed Individuals Find Love And Companionship After Using 50 Dating Sites

The emotional pain caused by the sudden loss of a spouse is more agonizing than physical trauma. One that has lost their husband or wife recently will be able to better relate with the feelings of anger, desolation and sadness. Often in such moments a close friend or relative will advise you to move on; […]

The Boomers' Guide to Online Dating by Judsen Culbreth

Baby Boomers are turning to online dating in droves. Many of them do not consider themselves computer savvy, but they are comfortable sending and receiving e-mail. Most of them are veterans of previous relationships who have not given up on finding that special someone. If you are among those Boomers, then Judsen Culbreth’s book is […]

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