Toe Curling Vision

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Each year brings with it a whole new brand of crazy-making busyness. Listening to my clients, now seems to be even more intestinal than usual. So it's time to take a breath and revisit your vision for the year.

Your vision is that picture of your whole life, as you want to manifest it – your biggest dreams for every area of ​​your self, spoken in the present tense. Whatever your vision is a written document or resides in your head, it can start to lose its inspiring effect and even feel a bit heavy. And if your head's barely above water because you're so crazy busy, who's looking up at the heavens?

So take a moment – now! – and do some visioning with me.

First ritual of visioning – kick your shoes off. Think about any of the areas of your life: professional, family, romance, spiritual, fun and recreation … What do you love about them? What inspires you? What are your biggest dreams of personal fulfillment and rewards?

And if you're hesitating, Just Start! I promise you, it's the best five minutes you'll carve out of this day. Visioning is not about being perfect; it's about letting the inspiration roll out of you. (If my grandma's ghost tells you to be careful about what you wish for, please tell her I miss her and come visit me instead …)

Let each sentence inspire you more than the last. Anything that feels heavy or like a task gets the boot. Put in dreams so audacious they make you sweat. If you feel short of breath from all of the wonderment, you're on the right path!

You have your vision. Now it's time to live it. Read your vision every day with gusto. Get with a vision partner weekly or even daily, to speak your visions out loud and hold each other to the dreams in them. Bring your vision to me so we can breathe fire into it and you and bring it galloping into reality!

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." – George Eliot

Copyright 2010 Michelle Randall. All rights reserved.

Toe Curling Vision

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