what to do after a break up critical tips for the first hours that you must know

What to Do After a Break Up – Critical Tips For the First 24 Hours That You Must Know

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The first few hours after breaking up can be critical when it comes to winning your ex back. This is where people usually make the mistakes that they end up regretting. Protect yourself from making them by knowing what to do after a break up especially in the first 24 hours since it happened.

Give yourself time to think before speaking out loud

Often, we just let our mouths speak without thinking of the consequences of what we say. It's very dangerous to do this because you can say something that will hurt both of you deeply. Not only will this destroy any chance you might have of patching things up but it can also even stop you from being civil towards each other.

Get the best people as your support group

During these painful times, surround yourself with good friends who will be able to support you. They should be trustworthy and very discreet because you might say some things about your ex and what you said should never go over the fence and reach the ears of your ex.

If ever you do plan to purge yourself of all the anger and the emotional pain, make sure that you are going to unload your feelings to your friends who are not close to your ex. They might probably just say yes to whatever you'll say but deep inside, their loyalties will be torn.

Do not follow your ex anywhere

Just give your ex and yourself some distance and time to think about your circumstances. Most people do not do this and will end up thinking in the next morning what a fool they have been. Following your ex around is not something that you should do, because it would not really do anything good for you. Beside, they may form the wrong impression if you'd do that.

For the first 24 hours, you have to be careful and know what to do after a break up. The main idea here is for you to have some control in your emotional responses. It's not the time to be spontaneous. Also, make sure that the people around you are there to help and not make it worse.

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