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Have you found yourself stuck in a situation that you’ve got attracted to a woman at your work environment? Office is a common place to meet partner and fall in love. However making mistake when approaching colleague could cost you losing an authority and and even being accused of harassing someone.

If you look on office romance from the positive side it’s a fact that men are flirts in the office while women ten to look for a long stand partner. Falling in love with a female colleague is not safe from risks. Do you have a feeling that you’ve been crushing on a woman where you work, but at the same time you were shy to approach her for fear that she might reject you?

Having to spend some time and feel like a fool having to see her at work everyday is painful experience. How do you announce your interest without endangering your professional position? If you are you need to be careful in order to avoid of being accused of unprofessional behavior, at least.

Picking up interest signs from women at work doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult and vague. You should look for some body language and unconscious behavior that reveal a lot about women‘s attitude towards you.

So let’s go through some common office men – women attraction situations.

1. If a woman at work sees you from a far, but as soon as you walk pass each other she looks the other way, she might be interested yet shy away from you. If she looks down and doesn’t give you eye contact, she is feeling some kind of attraction yet keeping herself room showing it in public. You might try to help her open up in some informal situation. I would suggest you to try to approach her at a coffee break and go through some office topics until you spot a chance to make conversation more personal.

2. If you decide to go from initial contact be careful and don’t use email for such purpose. Instead go for a polite phone call or personally offer you to join you at a coffee break outside the office. Not only you’ll show nice manners, if thing go wrong, you could excuse for being misunderstood and remain just colleague at the office. Leaving behind e-mails could make you open target for accusations of breaking office rules and work etiquette from your superiors too.

3. You put one foot in front of the other and walk up to her with a smile, make eye contact and say hello. Make it a point to not try and get a date out of it. Just be pleasant and think you are help spreading smiles.

You should be able to find something interesting about this girl before you speak, try complementing her on it. If you spend the time to do above, you should learn how to make women feel comfortable.

Attracting partner at work is definitely delicate task for a man.

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