decoding a guys behavior these tips will give you deep understanding of the male behavior

Decoding a Guys Behavior! These Tips Will Give You Deep Understanding of the Male Behavior

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Men can be quite frustrating to decode. They claim to be straightforward and uncomplicated but they are just as complicated as women. Here are some of the things that will help you decode your man’s behavior.

If he is the sort who assumes automatically the he’ll be the one driving then it’s most likely that he would like to steer your relationship at some point as well. He is a little old fashioned who likes to do most of the ‘mans work”.

Traffic manners
If he is the sort who weaves his way through traffic, through bumpers and tail lights and flips if another driver passes him then he has a thing with aggression. His personality is bound to be quite forceful which might make him difficult to deal with in a relationship.

His obsession with reflection
If you have a man who is obsessed with the way he looks and keeps checking out his reflection in every window then you have a man whose main aim is to set a good first impression and measures outward looks with self respect and success. This guy will be more superficial and connecting with him can try your patience.

A man who talks nineteen to a dozen is a vivacious, fun loving, high energy person. But while his main intention is to make a good impression they get so wrapped up in talking that they do not pay any attention to the person they are with. The slow talker is more considerate of the other person and gauges his audience before saying anything. This person isn’t very spontaneous but means what he says.

Eye contact
If the guy you are with constantly avoids eye contact then he is a little deceptive by nature, isn’t sure of himself and is also insecure. A guy who tries to intimidate you, is only trying to strengthen his position. The best bet is the guy with a smoldering gaze. He likes you and is genuinely interested in you.

His gifts for you
The gifts he gets you speak volumes. If he’s sticking to flowers the he’s the non committal sort. If his gifts include things of your interests then he is paying close attention to what you are saying and is interested in you, but if it is things like lingerie then all he is interested in is seeing you in it or rather off it.

His conversation with you
If he involves you in the conversation then he has regard for you but if he goes on ranting only to pause for breath then you are stuck with a self obsessed man who only places his needs above all others.

Source by Krista Hiles