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Make a Man Commit – Why Men Can Be Fickle When it Comes to Love

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Do you know how to set the pace for a relationship so that a man will chase after you right to the altar? What if you could let go of the frustration of trying to make a man commit and really have a man come after you? Are you ready to be the one who is being pursued instead of the one in pursuit? If so, then you are about to learn what 96 percent of women don’t know about how to make a man commit…

Here is the first thing to ask yourself: Is this what you really want? Before you really reel this guy in, make sure that you know what you are asking for. If you end up making a man commit you may find out that you are having to make him continue to build the relationship. You may find that indecision is a habit for this man and that you are the one making all of the decisions in your relationship. This can be very frustrating, so make sure that you are not about to make beds in a burning house.

Second, find out if you are falling prey to the ‘nice girl’ syndrome. If you find that you are constantly trying to win his affection or approval than you are trying too hard. He is probably bored or maybe a bit complacent. It is human nature to feel that anything worth having requires work. If he sees that you are too available to him, you may be surprised when you find out that he is no longer in your life and off chasing some girl who will give him a good run for his money.

Third, if you have been trying to reel him in by being sexy, sensual or romantic than tone it down and focus on being a friend. This is the biggest secret which ‘lucky’ women know. They know that sex and romance are merely superficial forms of attraction. They will get a man to commit only so far. If you really want to get a hold of his heart, then friendship is the fastest and most effective way.

So think about how a friend may be with him. Friends are much more laid back and less critical than a partner usually is. They respect our space and have their own lives outside of us. As a result, friendships are much more laid back and enjoyable. So take some of the pressure off and enjoy your life with him. He will relax his resistance and as long as you are giving him enough space you will make him commit to pursing you until he is yours.

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Source by Tina L. Jones