fear of commitment get your man to overcome his resistance to love

Fear of Commitment – Get Your Man To Overcome His Resistance To Love

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Does your man have a fear of commitment and it is causing you frustration in your relationship? It is very common for men to act aloof or uninterested in pursuing a lifetime commitment with just one woman. Much of this has to do with biological drive, but almost every man at some point in his life will overcome his fear of commitment and settle down with the woman he loves.

If you are dealing with a man that has a fear of commitment, here are a few possible reasons why he is not ready to take the relationship to the next level:

Relationship Timing

Men work on different time-lines than women. If you are expecting a proposal after only a few months and he is still unsure how he feels, this can cause much heartache. Depending on a man’s age and status, it could take him much longer to overcome the fear of commitment to just one woman. An older and more financially secure man may move faster than a younger less secure guy – don’t pressure any man into moving faster than he feels comfortable.

His Needs Are Being Met Already

If a man is getting sex from you and you are available whenever he wants, he may not feel the need to commit. Many men are perfectly happy to remain single but still have a gal pal to help them with laundry, give them money, and be there at the drop of a hat, but never make a permanent plan with her. This can be perceived as a fear of commitment on his part. If you are doing any of these things and not getting what you need from him, maybe it’s time to step back and reevaluate.

He’s Afraid

We all assume that this is what all men think and feel, it is true to some degree. Many men will deal with past emotional pain by withdrawing. His fear of commitment may be his way of avoiding getting hurt again. He may think that “The One” is the woman that makes him feel good 100% of the time, that is an impossible standard to live up to. If you are dealing with a man who has been hurt, your best approach is to be a cool and caring woman and not pressure him for more. This may help to relieve his fear of commitment.

Source by Lola May