Foreign Women and International Dating the 5 Types of Relationships You Can Have With Foreign Ladies – (relationship tips for ladies)

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1) Travel Partner This is a foreign woman you meet, usually online, who you go on a travel vacation with. She should in most cases pay her own way, and you should never send her money for the trip. Some travel partners do share an intimate encounter along with their travel adventure and many do not.

Don’t despair if your travel partner is not going to sleep with you. So long as you are traveling somewhere there are attractive women, she will be a valuable asset to your meeting those attractive women. Be honest with her, foreign ladies love playing matchmaker. Ask her to help you find a nice girl you can share a loving night of passion with. She will jump right into action, who knows she may even decide to share some loving passion with you, instead of letting some other woman have you.

Either way just keep in mind you are traveling, she is not your girlfriend and will probably not be falling in love with you. If you are looking for something more than a travel partner I suggest you keeping reading down this article.

2) Friends With Benefits You know you don’t want to get married anytime soon and you know you don’t want a girlfriend either. You are single and looking to mingle as one wild and crazy guy. But when you go abroad, unless there is a carnival or mass festive event taking place… do yourself a favor and keep the wild-man inside. Keep in mind guys who travel abroad and let the wild-man run loose, stand out, are easy targets, highly obnoxious and worse of all… if this is how you act you will definitely miss out on all the ultra high quality foreign women.

Party as hard as the party goes not more, but you are best served by being at least a few notches under on your first visit. You can meet nice foreign ladies who are looking to meet nice foreign guys without any major commitment. They are not looking for a relationship, there is never a guarantee they will be making love with you. However there are many benefits to having girlfriends. You see, when you are a genuinely nice guy, girls will want to be your friend. It goes without saying but it is worth repeating, drop dead gorgeous women from outside the U.S. are far more approachable than their equal or even lesser counterpart in the U.S.

In some foreign countries it is harder than others to approach women, but in all foreign countries it is way easier than in the U.S. So when you have a foreign lady friend, if she is not interested in sleeping with you, she will know friends who are. Sex is a fantastic thing and highly celebrated in other cultures. This does not mean you will be sleeping with a different woman every night or any woman at all. What it does mean is… There are women of all shapes and sizes, flavors, tastes, colors, fetishes, hopes, dreams and desires who are not looking for a committed relationship but they love to make friends.

When you travel abroad, they will take you out everywhere, they will invite their friends to come, you will be introduced to women who make you speechless yet they themselves are pleased to meet you and have no thought of “being out of your league.” It is a fantastic experience and if you are a decent guy who really does care about women you will find yourself in paradise.

3) A Kept Lover This is not for men who are married or in a committed relationship where your partner is not open to you having other relationships. And this is the one choice that will require true money. It does not mean the relationship itself is only about the money. But you must be honest with yourself.

You can find a marvelous woman who you make an arrangement with according to your specifications, where you agree to help her with specific needs and she offers you her intimacy and affection. Usually this is an exclusive agreement where she does not date or sleep with anyone else. The general idea is the guy helps the girl with her bills and the girl only shares a bed with him. There are girls who will of course abuse this, so finding the right woman is possible but should not be rushed. There are a lot of nice girls in this world who are financially struggling and that is really messed up. Don’t you think?

There are guys in this world who have decided to use their money in a different way than most guys do. They have decided what they truly enjoy is the company of special women. These men are not looking for a girlfriend or fiancée; they do not want one night stands and opt-out of even the most high-priced professional services available. Instead of spending their finances on toys like classic cars, expensive electronics or hobbies, they invest in romance.

There are all sorts of arrangements made between a man and his kept women. At the end of the day what matters most is people coming together to share in their needs and wants. Most of these couples are honest and caring with one another. For the relationship to be successful it requires the same basic ingredients of other relationships- honesty, respect, trust and dependability.

This is also a common relationship for couples who enjoy the company of a third woman but do not want to have random affairs. They prefer a steady girlfriend, who only plays with them and in exchange they help her with some of her own needs. The best kept women are women with life goals, who have one or two children and are already working to succeed. They are usually not interested in dating and will have not dated anyone for sometime before you meet her. The children’s father is the same if she has more than one child and he either passed away or abandoned the family.

You can also have hot young wild things as kept lovers. But I would not expect them to be very loyal. Even if you have Tom Cruise good looks and ‘Bill Gate’s Kind of Money’ the odds are still against you. Just think of when you were 18, think of what the girls around you were interested in. These young foreign ladies are endearing friends they will teach you all you want to know about Myspace, Facebook, text messages, music and what is in and what is out.

If you let them, they will dress you in the latest clothes and happily help you get complete makeovers. Of course she will be getting one too; you will be paying for both. Young girls are not particularly good in bed; they just have boundless amounts of energy and sensually delicious bodies. But in technique, you have to be honest, this is a whole new world to her, a brand-new 5.7-liter HEMI Magnum V-8 engine just wants-No It Needs-to burn off immense amounts of raw power or it swears to herself and all her friends she is going to explode!

Yes sex with 18-22 year old women can be exhilarating, but how many times can you ride the same rollercoaster and still be exhilarated? The point is if you want a kept woman who is only allowing you knowledge of her most intimate sweetness, you are best off with a woman who has matured beyond the non-stop hormonal drive of her late teens early twenties.

*Be Advised*: This option is not recommended unless you are a seasoned pro when it comes to foreign women and the culture of the country where your potential kept lover lives. Or the woman you are making an arrangement with is someone you really know and trust. A lot of first time guys who seek a kept lover do get taken for their money and ultimately their feelings as well.

4) Girlfriend For Casual Romance You know you are looking for a steady girl but you are not ready to get married. The important thing here is upfront honesty with yourself and the girls you meet. If you want to have several girlfriends, then you are likely better off with romantic friendships instead. Most foreign women see a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship as a monogamous deal. While neither of you may be looking to walk down to the wedding alter anytime soon, she will usually expect you to only be with her. If you are looking for a one woman affair, without the responsibility of courtship then this is probably your best choice.

If you want a steady girlfriend and also would like to have flings on the side, be upfront about your desires and intentions. You will be surprised how mature and understanding foreign women can be when you are upfront and honest with them. A great percentage of foreign women are either aware of their own bi-sexuality or have a dormant desire to experience intimacy with other women. These desires are perfectly natural and are usually hindered by repressive social and religious taboos.

If you are honest with your woman about your wants, you may find that you have not only a girlfriend who doesn’t judge you but will actually be a wingman when you go out to pick-up girls. This does not mean every foreign woman wants to explore her sexuality with another woman or that every foreign woman will allow you to be with other girls and she only with you.

What I am saying is, there’s a high percentage of foreign women who are interested in occasional sexual play with other women. You can explore this and use it to your advantage if you are upfront with yourself about what you really want.

5) Girlfriend With Goal Towards Marriage If you know you want to tie the knot and are ready for marriage, then don’t waste a minute of your time. Be brutally honest with yourself and the women you meet. You are not here to humor the dogs you are here to catch the foxes.

When searching for your future bride the first thing you need to get a firm handle on is patience. Be laid back in your search, Zen like to be exact. Let your life-mate come to you, Do Not Force A Marriage. You will live to remember this warning and even worse you will live to regret not having heeded it. Don’t be a stubborn mule… open yourself up to allowing it to happen on its own time. In order to find your future bride you will need laser focus. And you will need to be very specific in your search criteria. This will help when the scorching hot young girls come bouncing along in all their glory.

Young foreign girls have an oddly high level of estrogen and can easily make the most able bodied man fold flat at the knees. They make excellent friends, party companions, travel buddies and ideally fit for a host of other adventure roles. However, hardly any of them are ready for or looking to get married. Unless you specifically want an 18-22 year old wife, then do not invest your time into dating these budding Eves.

Keep your eye on your prize!

When traveling abroad keep in mind that the possibilities are endless. If you go knowing a teaspoons worth of the language, have studied some of the basic culture and keep your heart and mind open you will have the experience of a life time. Take your time, breath in the new adventures and may you find your love beyond borders!

Source by Carlos M Duran