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Online dating Advice for women are a bit different from actual dating tips. The use of the internet and social networking and dating websites has changed the landscape of the dating scene.

Whereas before, when you can only find a date through a friend's referral a dating service or a random meeting in a party, at work, or in a nightclub, one can now find a date even without living the comforts of his or her own home .

The internet has truly revolutionized the way dating is being planned and done. This different avenue of finding dates has also created a number of guidelines that may not be applicable to conventional dating.

Here are some online dating tips for women who are exploring the internet as a source of dates:

(1) As in traditional dating, women should be the chased and the men the chasers. Women may flirt, but in the end, it should be the men who must go to the women and arrange a date.

Thus, a phenomenon called email chasing is definitely a big no-no. Bombarding someone you are interested in with emails to arrange dates is a big sign of despair.

Some women might actually think this is "safer" because you are actually not physically present to chase the man. However, you are still essentially staking the man. Men are turned off with this. Women should act as ladies, whether in actuality or online.

(2) Use a dating website that is safe. Make sure that the website does not divulge any information about you. Information that is too personal such as your residential address and phone number should be disclosed by only you to anyone you'd like to or anyone you are actually interested in, and not by the website to the general public.

In any case, be extra careful of giving out your contact details even to people you are interested in. Remember, cyberspace can be a breeding ground for posers.

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