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Where can you get relationship advice for men about women? This article will help you if that is what you are looking for. If you want your relationship to really work then you need to know what women want in a relationship. You need to know what women look for in a relationship and to know that it is what they do and not what they say that will give you the indicators of what they really want.

Now you may be wondering how a woman can show you what they want. This is easier than you think; all you need to do is look and see what type of men she chooses. By working out what a woman really means you will be incredibly successful with women. The main point to realise is that what she says isn’t what she means all of the time.

You may have heard a woman say “I want a man who really listens to me and knows me”. Then you will see her with a man who is self-centred and does all of the talking. Time and time again you’ll hear a woman give an example of the type of man she wants and she ends up with the complete opposite.

Why do women ask for one thing in a man and ends up attracting the complete opposite? It lies with her dominating thoughts, her subconscious. The subconscious mind controls what happens in a person’s everyday life. If you can understand how this process works then you have the key to success from this relationship advice for men about women.

Back in the day a woman’s main concern was whether she could find a suitable father for her children i.e. child bearing was her most pressing concern. This would always be at the forefront of her mind. This conditioning is more subtle today but is passed down subconsciously from mother to daughter.

So the partner who talks all the time is not the man who will be a father to her children. Who will? It’s the man who can provide for her or at least give the appearance that he can do so.

A woman wants stability, she wants a man who is going to going to be able to stand up and be a man. An example of this is, a woman meets a man and he tells her he is a surgeon and then meets another man who works in subway. She will prefer the surgeon as it appears that he can provide for her and their children.

Having a good income or prospects is essential and knowing that you will be generous with it is a factor that a woman considers. It is that generous nature that will provide for her and the children. That is why a woman is so giddy and happy when you buy her expensive gifts.

Source by Jon MB Case