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The common relationship advice for women is that you need to have spontaneity in a marriage to keep it fun. Now, I’ve got nothing against spontaneity. However, there are times when it isn’t the most desirable thing. In fact, if you’re too spontaneous, this can actually make your man doubt you more as a wife and consider divorcing you, if not at definitely drifting away from you. Here are two reasons why spontaneity can kill a marriage and what you should do instead if you want to build it up.

1. Spontaneous Rebel

When you’re young and rebellious, all you want to do is be random and do what your heart desires. There’s nothing wrong with this. When you get married though, you do have more responsibilities to take care of.

Even if you don’t have children, you need to have a regular job to bring in the income and you need to be able to have enough money to pay the bills, etc. If you’re spontaneous and make big purchases randomly, your man isn’t going to be very pleased.

2. Bad Example For The Kids

If you do have children, they are your priority. You cannot change that. If you are constantly going out having fun and forgetting about raising your children, how would that their bringing up?

They need parental models to grow up and develop into decent members of society. If you’re going out all the time and being spontaneous, in general, you’re children aren’t going to benefit as much if you had a structured lifestyle.

3. The Solution?

So what can you do if you still want to go out and party and have those random weekend getaways with your man? You can still have all that. Having no spontaneity at all will also kill a marriage.

Just make sure that you know what your priorities are. Always put into consideration your children and make sure that all the other little operating costs of life are covered before you spend money on luxuries.

This relationship advice for women is practical and useful. Hopefully you can see how spontaneity can ruin a healthy relationship. There can be too much of a good thing and spontaneity is definitely one of those things. Balance it out with life, set your priorities straight and then your man will have more time to appreciate and love you on your random outings.

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