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Love Horoscope for the Week of March 18

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Yes, Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces. However, Mercury is in much better shape this week than it was last week, and that’s a good thing. Your love life may be about to blow up with new and interesting people to talk to.

The biggest aspects of the week affecting your love and sex outlook are happening on Wednesday and Thursday, and they will influence the entire week. There is a confluence of aspects happening the could make for great change.

At the top of the week, Mercury sextile Mars will give added impulsiveness to your communications. Again, keep in mind the usual cautions regarding your communications and Mercury retrograde… especially given that there will be a lot of emotional urgency this week.

Where is all that emotional urgency coming from? First, on Wednesday, Mars trine Pluto will be exact. That aspect will make the entire week a time of powerful breakthroughs and powerful outbursts of sexual energy. At least with the trine aspect, this energy will be easier to use constructively than other times when Mars and Pluto interact.

If you like your love life to be passionate (and maybe a little bit reckless), Thursday was made for you! First of all, that’s the day there’s a Full Moon in Libra. Everyone’s emotions seem to be close to the surface on a Full Moon, and anyone who is a fan of astrology knows about the association between Libra and relationships. That in and of itself might make it a good night to line up a date or hit the singles bar, but there are a couple of exact aspects that back up that notion up even more.

Thursday is also the day when Venus square Mars is exact. Venus in Aquarius loves exciting and unusual circumstances, and Mars in Taurus may not be the most stable of placements for that planet, but Mars in Taurus sure seems to love sex.

As they used to say in the old TV ads, “but wait — there’s more!” Thursday is also the day that Venus sextile Jupiter is exact. Take all that emotional and sexual impulsiveness and add in a sense of kindness, romance, and light. Played properly, the circumstances that Thursday provides could make for an interesting combination of of some old school porn and one of those insufferably sweet Hallmark channel romance movies.

You may want to plan out in advance how far you are willing to go with something new, because Mercury is approaching a conjunction to Neptune at the end of the week. If you let your hormones do all of your thinking for you, you might find yourself in a situation you’d rather extract yourself from… now carries MyONE condoms! 14% off Sale

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