pisces love horoscope catching the evasive pisces man

Pisces Love Horoscope – Catching the Evasive Pisces Man

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Do you have your sights set on a Pisces man and want to know how to reel this fish in by knowing more about the Pisces love horoscope? Are you curious about what makes him tick? Do you want to know if he is the right match for you? Before you go fishing for a Pisces man, here are some things you should know.

The Evasive Fish

Trying to reel in a Pisces takes some know how. Pisces like their freedom, but if you know how to play him just right, you might like what you find in your net. However, you should know that the Pisces man is elusive, difficult to tie down and often keeps his feeling hidden.

The Pisces man likes situations that are relaxed and non-competitive. He tends to be attracted to things that move him deep down emotionally; and this goes for lovers as well. However, it is also likely that the Pisces man will remove himself and seek distance from uncomfortable situations or when a relationship turns rocky. He often will make bad decisions in choosing relationships because he tends to get emotionally involved much too quickly.

Pisces men need plenty of love and reassurance in turn – he has a tendency to let his imagination run away from him at times, and you may find that you need to reaffirm your devotion to him more frequently than you might with other signs.

The best Pisces male relationships balance the right amount of patience, tolerance and acceptance from both partners. Showing your Pisces man that you care is very important because as the sign of self-sabotage and undoing, the Pisces male is often very tough on himself and can sometimes lack the small extra amount of motivation and support that only a truly loving partner can provide.

Watch Out for Anything Fishy

Because the Pisces love horoscope shows the Pisces man to be attracted and controlled by his emotions, he might be swayed to cheat on his partner before he thinks through the consequences. Although not a foregone conclusion, watch out if your Pisces man suddenly turns distant and is unavailable emotionally because his attentions might have turned elsewhere.

However, one thing that you can count on is that if you do find yourself in a committed relationship with a Pisces man you will be in for a romantic loving time. Pisces men enjoy evenings together and will surprise you with thoughtful touches.

Dating a Pisces male is most certainly unlike dating someone from any other zodiac birth sign. Things will never be etched in stone, always fluid and subject to change with the circumstances.

Understanding the Pisces love horoscope of your man will help you make the most of your relationship with your Pisces man. If you manage to land him and he settles in with you for the long haul you can consider it a very successful fishing trip as a Pisces man can be a very good catch with the right compatible partner.

Source by Desiree B North