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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Dating

There are a lot of great reasons why online dating has become so popular and is becoming more and more popular each and every day, but the main reason for this is the fact that people have become very busy, due to their modern and hectic lives. Owing to the fact that leaving time for […]

Definition of Open Relationship: Advantages and Disadvantages of This Way of Life

What do you consider to be the definition of open relationship? Do you believe you can be in love with one person while also having sexual encounters with other people? Is a non-exclusive relationship beneficial to or bad for the partners involved? Here are some things to think about if you are considering having a […]

Relationships: Is The Purpose Of A Relationship To Trigger Old Wounds?

When someone has just started to date another person, they can find that they feel really good. They are then still going to be on the same planet that they were on before they met this person, but it can be as if they have been taken somewhere else. This area of their life is […]

Sweep Her Off Her Feet With These Dating Tips For Men

A lot of people go on a dating without even knowing what to do and what to say to their dates. Men go crazy over girls they like; they plan on something really nice for them especially if the girl said yes to a date, unfortunately, not all men can handle a good date. Remember […]

Online Dating Tips – Email Techniques To Get Her Attention

Have you ever checked your inbox more than twice a day, hoping to get a reply from that hot girl you emailed? How about more than every 2 hours? How about every 15 minutes? Do not worry, it's happened to most of us guys at some point … and we never figure out why. We've […]

He Forgets About Me for Days on End – Relationship Advice for Women

“I love my guy but he forgets about me for days on end.” That certainly doesn’t sound like the basis for a wonderfully fulfilling relationship, does it? It sounds more like a relationship in which you have to struggle to get the attention of the man you adore. It’s hard living like this. You can’t […]

Love Is Not Everything In A Relationship

There is nothing quite as electrifying and satisfying as falling in love especially when you’ve found a partner to spend your life with. But what happens when you start to realize that this man or woman might cause you more sufferings than satisfaction? You’ve already let yourself get so invested that you even enter the […]

Why figuring out your arguing style is the key to a happy relationship

If you're in a relationship, at some point you will argue. That's not a bad thing. It's healthy to argue, and, in fact, being in a relationship with absolutely … Source link

Importance of Dating Before Marriage

Dating before marriage is essential. It helps an individual make the decision whether they want to live with the other person for the rest of their life or not. Dating before marriage is usually referred to as courtship, because the relationship has passed the stage of just getting to know each other, but tailoring it […]

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