how to make a man commit to marriage tips to get him more serious about you

How to Make a Man Commit to Marriage – Tips to Get Him More Serious About You

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Understanding how to make a man commit to marriage can save a woman from the heartbreak of a long term, uncommitted relationship. It’s so frustrating and disheartening to be involved with a man you truly love for months and months or years and he just won’t even discuss the issue of marriage. If you’re a woman in this situation you know that it can wear you down emotionally and leave you questioning his true feelings for you. You may be reaching a point where you’re ready to give up on him, but don’t just yet. You can silently persuade your man to marry you, and even make him believe that it’s his idea.

Learning how to make a man commit to marriage starts with recognizing that he just may be terrified of the idea of losing his independence. We hear so many jokes about how men are tied down once they get married. Men take these things to heart and they envision a future without their own choices and one governed by the will of their wife. While you two are in the dating stages show him that he can have all the freedom he needs. The best way to do that is to maintain your own freedom. Make plans that don’t include him. Encourage him to go out and spend time with his own friends, while you do the same. If a man feels he has his own space, he’ll want you to be closer.

Also, don’t dwell on the subject of taking things to the next level if you want to make a man commit to marriage. If a man is feeling apprehensive or nervous about something and the woman he is involved with pushes him on it, he’s going to resist as much as he possibly can. You may believe that the best way to get him to commit is to let him know incessantly how much you wish he’d marry you and how broken hearted you are over the fact that he doesn’t want to make things more permanent. If you do this, you’ll only be hurting yourself. Instead, stop all marriage talk this instant. Instead, focus more on things going on in your own life. Chase your own pursuits and before you know it, he’ll be chasing you, trying to convince you to marry him.

Source by Gillian Reynolds