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Anonimity; The power of being anonymous while you are getting to know the basics of many potentials is one major benefit. Not only can you read their basic profile and learn their interests, but if there is a common interest you did not list on your own page, you can update before sending a message to that one potential match.

Reporting Users; Mentioned in ‘Precautions’ below, some users will ask for your information during your first exchange of messages. You can report this user as abuse, no matter what the situation is. In fact, many sites forbid it and encourage you to report them as site abusers.

Personal Information Exchange; As mentioned above, some users ask for personal information early in
communication. That is a major Red Flag, no matter how legitimate their reason may be. NEVER exchange
information until you are able to meet face to face.

Meeting; Make sure that you are meeting in a public place, preferably a familiar place. An establishment
(restaurant or bar) where you know a few of the employees will not only help in your safety, but may also be impressive to your date.

Profile and Browsing;
Remember, when building your profile you can edit your photo and information anytime. Always have a photo on your profile, even if you do not have an attractive photo, post one. Then, fill in as much of your profile as you can. When you think of items to add later, add them. Keep your profile up to date and make it honest, but interesting.

Send messages to anyone and everyone you find interesting. Even if in their “what I’m looking for” or “Person of interest” lines, they list characteristics you do not have, send them a message anyway. Be confident. You never know, they may just compromise their ideal person a little. You know and everyone else knows, Nobody is Perfect.

As I mentioned above, meet someplace public and familiar. If people recognize you and call you by name, it can make a nice impression. Also, make your destination choice interesting to both of you. Perhaps a place with many conversation pieces (art, architecture, entertainment, etc.) all around. It will help you keep
small-talk going which will decrease the chances of uncomfortable silence.

Watch the conversations. Keep subjective conversation down to a mentioning of subjects. Keep an eye on your date on his or her expressions. On the first meeting, you are getting to know each other. You also want to give your date a chance to speak.

Do not try to overly impress. Let your date figure out what kind of nice person you are. Make sure you relax and keep your expectations low. You two may have common interests and be nice to each other, but one or both of you may have little quarks that just do not match.

Do not worry if your first (and maybe second) date do not go too well. Just consider them “practice” and move on to other possible matches.

Source by Jayme Key