Divorce 101 for Filipinos

Here’s a situation: A and B, both Filipinos, went to the United States to get married. After several years, marital troubles started to occur between the couple and after efforts at reconciliation failed, the two started to part ways. They figured that since they were married in abroad, they decided to get a divorce in […]

Evolution 101 – Relationship Advice For Men to Find a Mate

(relationship advice for women) What should you know if you want a long term relationship to work? What is the best relationship advice for men? The most important single piece of relationship advice for men is to ignore what a woman says she wants, and observe closely what they actually want. How you do that […]

Adult Dating 101 – Mastering the Online Booty Call

(online dating questions) With fast talk and even faster action, it’s in your best interest to bring your online booty call skills up to par with the adult dating game. If you are on the prowl, it can be difficult to determine who is ready for action or whose actions can’t back up their risqué […]

Perils of Online Dating 101: 20 Something Boys (online dating)

(online dating) 1. Exposed If my best friend and I had a dollar for every time a guy whipped out his penis on the first date with no rhyme or reason, we would have like six dollars. That's way too many dollars. Boys — because lets face it, you can not be called men — […]

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