5 Things to Keep in Mind When Opting for the Best Online Dating Site

Nowadays, we can do a lot of things on the Internet. For instance, you can buy grocery, plan your vacation, or get a job online. In the same way, you can look for a date online. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. If you are looking for a dating partner online, we suggest […]

Communication Mistakes in Marriage Relationships – 5 Common Communication Blockers

Do you know how some couples have trouble communicating in their marriage relationships? “We just can’t communicate” is one of the most common complaints among couples. Read on to discover five common mistakes that quickly shut down communication. Our words are like a fire There is a passage in the Bible that compares our tongue, […]

#MeTwo? Dating Coach Offers Men 5 Rules for Hooking Up with Women in the Controversial #MeToo Era

Los Angeles, CA, April 08, 2019 –(PR.com)– When it comes to society’s sexual morals, values, and ethics, no one could argue that the nature of men and women’s intersexual relationship dynamics have most certainly changed over the last sixty-plus years. Prior to the 1960s, the idea of men and women engaging in premarital sex was […]

5 ways to find career compatibility with your life partner

In 2019, more men and women are entering the workforce than before, pushing many of society’s antiquated norms. Just a few decades ago, men were often the only ones to venture into the workforce, leaving women to tend growing families and other household responsibilities. Now that many couples are pursuing simultaneous careers, the dynamics of […]

What Makes Men Fall in Love With You – 5 Secret Weapons For Women

Finding a nice man and keeping him is something every women wants, but generally women have no, or very little idea about what makes a man fall in love and how to keep him loving you for years. From the early years it is impressed upon women that being a nice girl would ultimately be […]

How To Set Boundaries In Dating As A Single Mom (Plus, 5 Types Of Men To Avoid) | Mary Jo Rapini

What you should know before getting back out there. As a single mom, getting back into the dating world can be a little overwhelming. After all, as a single parent, dating someone new comes with a lot of restrictions and boundaries that you likely didn’t have the last time around. One of the most important […]

5 Tips To Help You Find Success On Dating Apps

What was once fun and innovative about dating apps has now become exhausting and anxiety-inducing. You can often find yourself scrolling through faces until they all seemingly morph into the same one, wasting hours without finding a single match. Dating apps are here to stay, which means that we all should get acquainted with them […]

5 Ways To Avoid Awkward Questions After Divorce And Separation

Anne was shocked and upset last week when a colleague turned around and said: “So who wanted the divorce? Whose choice was it?” She was taken back, because neither of them wanted the divorce! No one goes into a marriage “wanting” a divorce she thought. She said it shocked her because whilst, she was the […]

Reasons To Reconcile A Marriage – 5 Reasons

After a long and hard argument with your spouse or ex-spouse, it can feel like all of the energy has been drained right out of you. When you know somebody as intimately as you do your husband or wife, you really know how to push each others’ buttons. Of course, fighting just once in a […]

5 couples share what they learned from going into business together

Though there is no magical secret sauce to being successful in business or in marriage, they have oddly similar requirements. From the ability to respect and trust one another to the need for passion and fervent communication — these fundamentals go a long way in bonding two people together in love or an LLC. For […]

5 Signs You’re Dating a Dud and Not a Stud

I get emails from you lovely humans quite often, asking me “How do I know if this guy I’m dating is really a good guy?” or “How do I know if he’s in this for REAL?” And I like to think there are a few pretty clear signs to look for in the early stages […]

Getting Divorced? 5 Tips on Breaking the News to Your Child

FlowerShopping.com-Beautiful Floral Arrangements and Gift Baskets for Any Occasion! Click Here! Even if it’s the best choice for your spouse and you, it’s never an easy decision to get a divorce. A divorce after having children is a game-changer regardless if you or your partner want to stay in touch once the paperwork is finalized. […]

Top 5 Places Not for First Dates

FlowerShopping.com-Beautiful Floral Arrangements and Gift Baskets for Any Occasion! Click Here! Ah, yes … the first date with your potential life partner. Exhilarating as it may seem, it is usually the cause of too much stress as well! Way before the fuss of deciding which outfit best suits you on that heart-pounding day, comes the […]

5 keys for physicians unwinding contractual arrangements

Not all relationships go the distance, and that is sometimes the case for physicians who have contractual arrangements with hospitals, health systems or other entities. But with the proper planning, experts say, physicians can successfully unwind or change their relationships with other entities in a way that works for both parties.  The AMA has compiled expert resources to help physicians unwind existing arrangements with hospitals, health systems or large […]

Will He Marry Me? 5 Signs That Tell If Your Guy Is Ready For A Long Term Relationship

Are you in a long term relationship? Have you been wondering when your boyfriend will marry you? Or is he even considering of marrying you? A lot of women who are in a long term relationship already ask themselves “will he marry me?” because that seems to be the next obvious step after several years […]

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