Lonely, socially anxious Millennials are more likely to use dating apps compulsively, study finds

A new study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships suggests that lonely individuals may be at particular risk when it comes to the compulsive use of mobile dating applications like Tinder. “I generally study relationship initiation, and I’m fascinated by how technology can assist people in finding relationships, particularly romantic relationships,” said Kathryn […]

Men Are Using Other People’s Dogs For Dating Apps Pics

Dudes, Dates, & Dogfishing Be careful of “dogfishing.” Most relationship experts and dating app gurus will agree, adding a pet to your profile picture will get you more likes and attention. Pets, and especially dogs, are great ice breakers for starting a conversation on apps and first dates. In addition, the adorable buddies get dating […]

Can apps with calendar, temperature and cervical mucus tracking prevent pregnancy? | Dating & Relationships Advice (Women)

Most Australian doctors say fertility tracking apps shouldn’t be relied on for birth control, especially if pregnancy would be devastating for the person, as there is too much room for error. But, while the Millennial women who use these apps acknowledge it’s not for everybody, for them, the benefits of no longer experiencing side-effects from […]

Dangerous Apps Your Kids May Have Access To – Stay In The Know

Parents and guardians should be aware of technology dangers behind smartphone applications.. It is quite easy for your child to get their hands on the wrong apps. Much like internet usage should be monitored, smartphone applications should be regularly monitored. Children can be using many different pages and apps without anyone being the wiser, and […]

8 Best Dating Apps Like Tinder

Bumble Platform: iOS and Android Cost: Free Bumble is for all the in-charge ladies out there. The dating app has flipped the outdated dating dynamics to become one of the few dating apps worldwide that allow women to make the first move. Much like Tinder it’s based on the swipe right or left formula, except with Bumble only women are in charge.  […]

People who lie on dating apps — what’s the point?

Earlier this week, dating app Tinder announced they were introducing height verification as an attempt to put an end to all those 5’8″ dudes claiming they are really 5’11”. The company declared that gentlemen should upload a picture of themselves near a commercial building. Their new technology would then use this image to calculate the […]

5 Tips To Help You Find Success On Dating Apps

What was once fun and innovative about dating apps has now become exhausting and anxiety-inducing. You can often find yourself scrolling through faces until they all seemingly morph into the same one, wasting hours without finding a single match. Dating apps are here to stay, which means that we all should get acquainted with them […]

Top 10 Dating Apps in Australia

Photo: Iuricazac, BS With everyone busier and busier these days, dating isn’t what it used to be. Crawling through pubs and approaching random strangers is a lot harder than before. In fact, online dating is probably the most popular way for couples to meet nowadays and dating apps make it super convenient. Imagine the idea […]

Chinese Dating App for Queer and Lesbian Women Reportedly Left 5.3 Million Profiles Exposed

Promotional images from Chinese lesbian dating app Rela, 2017.Screenshot: Rela (Quartz) A Chinese dating app for lesbian and queer women exposed the profiles and private data of over 5.3 million users, TechCrunch reported on Wednesday, possibly since June 2018. The app, Rela, reportedly vanished from app stores in 2017, with Reuters noting similar apps had […]

A ‘Chief Love Officer’ Tells Us About True Love in the Age of Dating Apps

Photo courtesy of Michelle Frankel Michelle Frankel is a former attorney who decided to trade law for love. With two matchmaking offices, one in New York and the other in New Jersey, Frankel plays cupid for worried parents trying to find love for their 30-year-old “kids,” and helps frustrated singles figure out what they’re really looking […]

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