3 Steps In Reconnecting With an Ex After a Break-Up

Breaking up with a romantic love is a very difficult feeling that could be comparable to one's emotion who's loved one passed away. Many people who mean well will just tell you that you should move on, and that you should find someone else. In many cases, this advice is good and appropriate. If a […]

Loss of Signal: Aeromedical Lessons Learned from the STS-107 Columbia Space Shuttle Mishap – Aerospace Medicine, Reentry and Spacecraft Breakup, Search and Recovery, Forensic Sciences

Loss of Signal presents the aeromedical lessons learned from the Columbia accident that will result in enhanced crew safety and survival on human space flight missions. As we embark on the development of new spacefaring vehicles through both government and commercial efforts, the NASA Johnson Space Center Human Health and Performance Directorate is continuing to […]

Breakup Poems: Vol 1

Two-time Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Best Poetry, J.R. Rogue returns with her newest collection of poetry, Breakup Poems. Presented in six sections, five devoted to the stages of grief, and a final one for her devoted group of online fans, the author examines the various emotions women go through as they mourn the loss […]

Poems For Surviving: Breakup, Abuse & Divorce

This book is a collective of poetic “lessons” and testimonies in which the author reveals the agony that most women have shared or will experience at some point in their lives.  It addresses heartache, headache and soul searching in simple, but strong verses. It’s a poetic rendition on marriage and relationships that modern women will […]

I like my sister’s ex, but after their breakup he won’t stop texting me for help

My sister dated “Pete” for three years. We all figured they would get married and were pretty surprised and frankly upset when we learned the relationship had ended. We all grew very close to him during the time they were together and considered him part of the family. My sister is fairly private and didn’t […]

Breakup Rehab

Turn Your Pain from Breakup into an Opportunity to Grow toward True Love After her devastating breakup, counselor Rebekah Freedom McClaskey became inspired by her work in the field of addiction recovery to craft a safe, step-by-step path to forging healthy relationships based on honesty, love, integrity, and trust. Breakup Rehab addresses post-breakup chaos, providing […]

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Relationship Advice For How To Get Over A Breakup By Giving Your Ex Space

It’s the healthy thing to do. By Annie O’Brien I’ve only ever been in two relationships, so, maybe, I’m not an expert. Still, I know more than my fair share about dating. And, as someone who had to learn a lot about dating (and breaking up) in a short period of time, I want to […]

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