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My Axis Was Broken While the Earth Was Spinning Out of Control

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getting married | Getting Married After a Divorce – How To Know You Won’t Get Your Heart Broken Again

#marriage problems & Solutions After going through a break up or divorce we tend to be more cautious when it comes to a new relationship. If we’re to get remarried then we need to make absolutely certain that they are right for us. We can never be 100% sure which is why we maybe keep […]

—sometimes the light i see before my demise is the same light that i wake up to;…


The most liberating thing I’ve done was admit that I was broken and needed help!…


How To Mend A Broken Marriage

Relationships, including marriage needs nurturing to keep them going smooth. Broken marriages can be painful and can sometimes even lead to hate and remorse. But it is very possible to mend a broken marriage regardless of the reasons that led to the breaking. There are simple steps that can be followed to repair a marriage […]

4 Tips on How to Turn Around Your Broken Marriage – Fix a Broken Marriage

Love is easy, especially when it is said. Marriage is never easy. It takes effort to bring everything together, and at times, a marriage needs some mending work. Below are the top 4 tips that can help you turnaround your marriage, from broken to where it used to be – Blissful Marriage. Tip #1: Be […]

The Psychology of Restoring a Broken Marriage Or Relationship

relationship terms Did you know that the statistics for the divorce rate in countries like the United States and the UK are at about 45% to 50%? And the figures for remarriage are not much more encouraging either. About 60% to 80% of couples who remarry divorce again! To me these are troubling statistics in […]

How To Rebuild A Relationship Once It Has Broken

relationship terms Sadly, struggling and working at how to rebuild a relationship, is typically among those things. We begin discovering that being in a wonderful relationship takes work. If this sounds familiar to you, and you feel your relationship might be better, then continue reading. It means you realize the “holy relationship,” as the Course […]

Advice For Broken Relationship – 5 Things Men Should Do To Rebuild Their Relationship

What do you think most men will do when they get a letter from their girlfriend telling them to end the relationship? Most men will cry. Yes, that's surprising. But, it's a true fact. Most men are so emotional these days. They get a breakup letter, and they suddenly turn into wimps that beg for […]

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