Relationship Theory: On Choosing Not to Have Kids and Dividing House Chores | Dating & Relationships Advice (Women)

—Tom Bilyeu (@tombilyeu) and Lisa Bilyeu (@lisabilyeu) answer questions directly from the Impact Theory community. Topics covered in this relationship Q&A include: 1. How to deal with family’s disappointments in your decision not to have kids.2. Dividing gender roles and house chores in the household when one partner makes more money.3. Practical tips to rebuild […]

Child Custody Lawyers Offer Tips For Choosing a Divorce Attorney

Choosing the right divorce lawyer is one of the most important decisions faced by those going through a divorce. Getting divorced can be stressful and working with an experienced family law attorney who specializes in divorce can provide peace of mind. Having an experienced divorce lawyer ensures that one receives what they are entitled to […]

Tips in Choosing A Family Lawyer

If you are in need of a family lawyer, then the options can get to you as there are so many choices available. If you are located in a big city, all the more it can be challenging to choose as there are so many lawyers that can be found on local phone books and […]

Wedding Dresses – Points to Consider When Choosing Your Dress

One of the chief considerations for a bride in the selection of her dress is the audience she anticipates, real or imagined. The general sentiment of most brides-to-be is that they are very aware of other people’s expectations about how they should look. They are very conscious of wanting to look nice for other people […]

Choosing A Wedding Engagement Ring

"Engagement rings." Engagement rings offer up a real learning experience for the groom. Getting the best engagement ring for your bride can be one of the most stressful experiences for any man. Engagement rings play such a huge role in altering a relationship, and it is the sentiment behind the ring that often really matters, […]

How choosing your partner affects your career

There’s romance in the air at this time of the year. Spring just began, wedding season is nigh, and everyone is ditching their Netflix accounts for happy hours sunset drinks and endless tacos. While everyone seems to be coupling up—posting lovey pictures all over Instagram, you never really know what’s going on behind closed doors. […]

Dating After 40 Advice: Choosing Singles Events to Attend With Discernment for Quality Mate Finding

If you’re single and over forty years old, maybe you haven’t been on a date in awhile, or you haven’t really dated much this year. Once you get back into the dating saddle again and have established some “dating momentum,” most midlife singles don’t want to waste their time on dates leading nowhere. After 40 […]

Engagement Gift Ideas: Choosing A Gift Successfully

An engagement is a very significant and emotional moment for everyone in his or her life. It is entering a new chapter where the couple will need to prepare for their married lives. The occasion doesn’t really require an engagement bash, but for many, doing so is a way of announcing to their family members […]

Five Things to Consider in Choosing an Intimate Partner – (polyamorous relationships)

(polyamorous relationships) One thing I have noticed in working on intimacy with heterosexual, gay, lesbian and bisexual adults is that the selection of their partners or lovers can be very crucial to the success of their relationships. People often choose based on immediately apparent criteria like looks, money, sexual chemistry, or convenience. Later, after they’ve […]

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