Relationship Advice – 4 Dating Tips for the Newly Divorced

When someone is newly divorced, they can have various reactions to the idea of dating. Some people are ready to get right back out there and see what kind of people they can meet, especially if they have been married for many years. It can be an adventure to say the least. However, there are […]

This Girl On Tumblr Wrote A Post About Why People Get Divorced And Now I’ll Never Look At Love The Same Way Again

“People fall out of love for the same reasons they fell in it.” Source: This Girl On Tumblr Wrote A Post About Why People Get Divorced And Now I’ll Never Look At Love The Same Way Again

5 Things Every Woman Should Know BEFORE She Gets Divorced

Perhaps you’ve been secretly fantasizing about divorce. Maybe you’re in an abusive relationship and spend most of your day trying to figure out how to get out of your marriage. Before initiating anything, there are some important realities you need to know. “That’s not me,” you’re saying. “Even though things aren’t perfect, we would never […]

Eternity Commitment: The 21st Century Alternative to Marriage: Never be Divorced!

The time is here for a new paradigm in lifelong relationships. During the 20th Century, it was clear that what has been the model and structure for lifetime monogamous relationships was NOT WORKING! I am referring to the dysfunctional relationship called “Marriage” as defined and shaped by state lawmakers. Relationships are not the problem; it […]

Getting Divorced? 5 Tips on Breaking the News to Your Child

FlowerShopping.com-Beautiful Floral Arrangements and Gift Baskets for Any Occasion! Click Here! Even if it’s the best choice for your spouse and you, it’s never an easy decision to get a divorce. A divorce after having children is a game-changer regardless if you or your partner want to stay in touch once the paperwork is finalized. […]

Dating the Divorced Man

“Hands down, the best book there is on dating separated and divorced men.” -A reader “This book is a MUST READ for anyone considering dating a man who is either separated, divorcing, divorced, or still married but shopping for a girlfriend.” -Selena, dating a separated man “Thanks so much for your book. It really, really […]

Dating Divorced Women – 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Attract a Woman Who Has Been Divorced!

In our parents’ day, there was a whiff of scandal attached to the divorcee – a woman who had left her marriage had to be some sort of a floozy, after all, and was considered “tainted goods.” Today, however, divorce is much more commonplace, and not necessarily the result of some sort of scandalous turmoil. […]

7 Tips for Divorced Parents

Despite the pain, disappointment, and initial fear, many of these children end up having meaningful and healthy lives. The way the parents deal with their divorce will greatly influence the lives of their children. These are three essential tips you can do (if going through a divorce) that can help your children in this life […]

Getting Divorced? You Have Options

Couples often find the preliminary stages of the divorce process overwhelming because of the many issues they need to consider. Among these are questions about support, asset division, and children. Reaching agreement on these issues is almost never easy, and couples are often besieged with advice from well meaning friends and family, and articles such […]

Getting Divorced and Global Warming (divorce advice)

(divorce advice) More and more people get divorced because of different reasons and some of them are more SF than others. People tend to accuse their partners of different things or they blame all sorts of strange situations which you would never think of as possible reasons for putting an end to a marriage. However, […]

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