Expert advice on good (and bad) wedding guest etiquette

At modern weddings — with each couple and their nuptials being more unique than ever — questions of what to wear or what to buy or whom to bring … Source link

Engagement Etiquette – Parents Meeting Each Other Floral Arrangements and Gift Baskets for Any Occasion! Click Here! Once your engagement has been announced, the very first obligation of the couple is for them to arrange for the parents to meet each other. Of course, sometimes parents do know each other, even very well. In these cases, it is still traditional for […]

Top 3 Wedding Etiquette Blunders

Weddings have been a long standing tradition across many cultures, but times sure have changed. Some traditions have transported on but people are not exactly changing property and cattle at the ceremony anymore. Still, a certain amount of etiquette is expected at weddings and with more and more people opting for non-traditional styles, one must […]

Party Invitation Wording Etiquette

Throwing a party? The last thing you want to worry about is proper party invitation etiquette – yet, the right party invitation wording is more important than you might think. The very appearance, and your choice of words, should tell guests what they can expect from your party. A stiff, engraved card with conventional choice […]

engagement gift ideas | Bridal Shower Thank You Cards – Sample Wording, Tips and Etiquette

#engagement/wedding Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Your friends have thrown you a wonderful party. Maybe you even had one at work AND one from your maid of honor. It is time to show your supportive friends, co-workers, and loved ones, that you appreciate them. However, with an entire wedding to plan, you may be pressed […]

Chat Room Etiquette

Another piece of online dating advice written about a lot is chat room etiquette, how to behave while online in a chat room and how to use the room wisely, not giving out any bits of information about yourself which could be used to find you outside of cyber space, etc. While most of this […]

Internet Dating Text Etiquette Messaging Tip for Guys: She Gave You Her Phone Number for Dating

Whether you are a 20 something member of the Millenial generation or over 35, an after 40 single or into courting again after 50, if you are single looking for love online you will face text messaging. The modern day internet dating singles will invariably encounter the modern communication medium of text messaging and it […]

Dutch Wedding Etiquette – Interesting Official Engagement Procedure in the Netherlands

An interesting procedure to go through for getting married in the Netherlands is the registration of ‘ondertrouw’, meaning the ‘intension of getting married’. Ondertrouw = Engagement? Officially, this intension of getting married is a religion procedure, where couples commit themselves into starting their new life by having an official wedding in churches. The procedure is […]

Online Dating Etiquette – The Do’s and Don’ts(online dating profile tips)

(online dating profile tips) For those of you who are just getting started with online dating, here are a few tips to get you started without offending others. In our everyday lives, we try to live by the etiquette of society, so the internet should not be any different. Let’s start off with the negatives […]

Engagement Gift Idea Etiquette Part 2 – Ensuring Perfect Gift Giving

An announcement of couple of their commitment to spend their lives together is a perfect time to celebrate. Normally, the people around them would want to celebrate it with a gift. Similar to any other occasions, gifts for an engagement must depend on the couple's personal style and need in order to have a wide […]

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