We Could All Do Better and Not Every Woman Who Closes Her Eyes Is Thinking About Someone …

To all the "very liberal" cismen out there: stop calling grown-ass women "girls. … to the woman in Savage Lovecast Episode 663 who sought advice on how to … If I were her I'd say this: "My relationship with my family is complicated. Source link

Stop Moping After the Break Up! There Are Signs That Your Ex Still Loves You – Just Open Your Eyes!

Really, it is understandable that you are going through a lot of heartache after breaking up with your ex. The only thing is, you are probably letting your emotions cloud your mind, and are actually making yourself more depressed and miserable, because you think your situation is hopeless. It is not hopeless – your ex […]

Eyes !!!

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Through a Child’s Eyes

Coming from a young adult, divorce is not the best experience anyone can go through. For those who have gone through or are now experiencing divorce as a kid or a young adult, you are not alone in this. Divorce is a harsh word to some who have experienced it with their parents or family […]

Its’ All Your Fault! – Eyes On Your Own Work, You Can Only Change Your Self

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