Don't pucker up, and other advice on how to be a great kisser

Don't pucker up, and other advice on how to be a great kisser … Psychologist Robyn Salisbury helps a reader with a relationship dilemma. … Like all things sexual, there is no one right way – kissing likes and dislikes are very … Source link

SGR 040: Summer Bucket List – Achieve Your Dreams Together — Simply | Great | Everything Relations (Advice)

It’s already the end of June! Have you thought about your summer bucket list? Think about the things you definitely want to do this summer. Maybe it’s going to the beach, spending time outside, or hunkering down and watching movies in the air conditioning. What do you want to do with friends? On your own? […]

7 Tips for a Great First Tinder Date

Just because the app is simple, doesn’t mean dating on Tinder is easy. It’s still dating after all, which means you still have to go through all the awkward motions associated with a first date. The nerves, the anticipation, the odd hellos, the stress over whether you should hug or shake hands, sit at the […]

Meet the woman, 24, who has ‘great sex’ with husband, 69

An age-gap couple have revealed how “great” their sex life is — despite having 45 years between them. Stefani, 24, and Don Walper, 69, from British Columbia, have opened up about their bedroom antics, revealing they are known to get intimate all over their house. “2am, 5am, middle of the afternoon, before dinner, after dinner, […]

Jimmy Carter’s sage advice on how to make America great again

Editor’s note: The following is an edited translation of a commentary from the Chinese-language “Commentaries on International Affairs” that was first published on China Plus on April 17. Former United States President Jimmy Carter revealed on Sunday that President Donald Trump had called him over the weekend for the first time to discuss America’s relationship with […]

“The One”-𝓙𝓖 (2/22/2019) I hope you’re having a great Friday….

#relationship memes Source

Great "Can’t Miss" Marriage Proposal Ideas

It’s one of the most important and scary time of their lives for most guys; the marriage proposal. Sure, you’re excited to ask her to marry you, but at the same time there’s that little bit of nagging doubt tucked away in the back of your mind. Not to worry, there are some fantastic ways […]

If you want to have greatness in your life, surround yourself with great people….

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Building Great Soulmate Relationships

Building great soulmate relationships in life takes time and commitment. If you choose to spend time and you choose to commit you WILL most certainly build a relationship that will bring you joy and contentment. Some keys to building great relationships include: Connect with the one that you love Make time to remind your soulmate […]

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