Secret of domestic happiness is to set aside self-fulfillment

Dear F.H.: God designed marriage, family and home as sacred institutions. These are falling away for one reason — God has been left out of the … Source link

Happiness Quotes | You Make Me Happy Quotes | List Of Inspirational Words To Sha…

Happiness Quotes | You Make Me Happy Quotes | List Of Inspirational Words To Share With Your Loved Ones by DIY Ready at diyready.com/… Source by craftykate9

Searching for Happiness Can Become a Barrier to Your Happiness

Huh? Ok, the title of this article may appear somewhat confusing, but let’s try reading it again. Only this time look deeper into what it might mean. I think we can all agree that we not only want our lives to be happy, but that we are all in search of some kind of happiness. I mean, […]

Modern romance will be the death of me

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If you want to have greatness in your life, surround yourself with great people….

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Do People Who Marry Late in Life Find Happiness?

this article shows that there is no time limit on when to get married. a commitment is and should be the focus because it allows for the perfect marriage to develop and form and allows two people the proper time to make the decision and adjustments New research suggests that marrying late can be a […]

relationship memes | y’all ever had those mini fights with your boo where it’s like “nah i love you m…

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FIRST WIVES UK – have you heard of Romance Fraud? Be aware of this crime brought…


Life is stressful enough with work and/ or studying and we all go through moment…


High hope

One of the traditions of the French weddings (and maybe in other countries also) is that the newly-weds leave a handle of balloons inflated with helium at the exit of the church. Attached to every ball, a card with their address and the date of the marriage; they hope that every balloon will be found […]

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