The Love – Hate Relationship in American Politics – A Book Review

They say you should not talk about religion or politics in mixed company, and yet, that's exactly what people want to talk about. Especially politics, and everyone has an opinion, and they are saying to tell you, and explain why. And if you disagree, well God help you, because they are going to convince you […]

Women Who Hate Other Women

(In this article, I am using the term mother– however; it can be equally exchanged to refer to the primary female caretaker in your family.) Have you ever wondered to yourself, “why do women hate each other?” Teenage girls ask the question why do girls hate me? Women who hate other women at the deepest […]

Help! I’m Getting Married and I Hate Having My Photo Taken

It’s your worst nightmare. Usually you manage to escape; sometimes you hold the camera. But on your wedding day there’s no way you can avoid having your photo taken. For the photogenic, it’s the ideal opportunity for them to have well-taken pictures which really reflect their beauty, instead of Aunt Maud’s blurry out-of-focus snapshots. For […]

Swipe left if you’re not into cats… but if you hate the two kids then let’s ch…

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Why I Hate Going For Coffee On A First Date

Now that the sun is up later and the temperatures are warming up, Montrealers are venturing out into the streets, going for drinks, coffee and dinner in increasing numbers. Did anyone mention terrasses? With the end of winter comes the end of cuffing season. Now that the sun is out and we are shedding both our winter layers […]

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful ! . . …

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I hate boys, they’re great but God they’re dumb and make me feel sad too much…


LOVE Must Trump Hate, To Have A Better Future!

Many of us, tend to complain, and blame others, who disagree with us, our perceptions, priorities, and/ or ideals. While this may, or may not be, valid, and/ or, true, it rarely serves any relevant, sustainable, longer – term, quality objectives, nor leads to a better, brighter future! It is essential, for us, to emphasize […]

Team GB archery representative hails the sport a target for the Love activity Hate exercise? campaign

‘My advice to all my patients is, find an activity they enjoy – and you never know where it might lead you. ‘Five years ago, I would never have believed I …

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