How long will it take me to get over my 10-year marriage?

I'm separated just over two years from a 10-year marriage. I have two kids, a great job and am really ambitious. My relationship was in a bad way for … Source link

How Long Should You Date Before Exchanging Streaming Passwords? Experts Say This Is The Sweet Spot

There a lot of defining moments in relationships: The first kiss, the first sleepover, the first time you say I love you. These days, there are even more watershed moments in a relationship thanks to technology. Moments like becoming Instagram official, updating your relationship status on Facebook, and, of course, sharing your Netflix password. It’s […]

1000 Questions For Long Distance Relationship Couples – Bring Life Back to Your Conversations

When my long distance relationship started, there was so much to talk about. There were so many new things to learn about each other, and so much to share about what we wanted out of life. About 3 months into our relationship, conversation started to dwindle down, and we talked more about our day at […]

Long Distance Relationship Advice – Optimizing Communication

You’ve probably heard that communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. Welldouble that and multiply it by 3 and that’s about how important communication is in your long distance love. Depending on the distance, many couples are only able to see one another on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis. Learning how to communicate will not only benefit […]

How to Make Your Long Distance Boyfriend Want You More

Relationships can have their fair share of conflicts and issues in any normal situation. Let’s face it, even the so called healthy relationships have had their fair share of ups and down. And with long distance relationships, the chances that you may sometime fall out with your significant other cannot be ruled out. Without mincing […]

“You need a long breath to learn the technique of ballet. You need to trust that…

#relationship memes Source

As long as you leave with you you’re never empty handed 🥰🥰 ‍️‍️. . . . . . …

#relationship memes Source

Long Distance Divorce Causes Distress

Now that immigration has turned out to be a way of life amongst us Iranians, then long distance marriages and long distance divorces are becoming all more widespread. We live in a world, when long distance relationships become all common. When this relationship leads to the union of the two persons, then there are certain […]

Yahoo Dating Is Long Gone But Here Are 8 Alternatives

Back in the day Yahoo! was one of the most popular websites out there and with that came a number of features and services. From Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Music to Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Answers, and the ever-popular (though short lived) Yahoo! Personals the site was your one-stop shop for everything you needed. But times […]

Will He Marry Me? 5 Signs That Tell If Your Guy Is Ready For A Long Term Relationship

Are you in a long term relationship? Have you been wondering when your boyfriend will marry you? Or is he even considering of marrying you? A lot of women who are in a long term relationship already ask themselves “will he marry me?” because that seems to be the next obvious step after several years […]

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