PSU banks losing lead relationships to private banks, says study

Public sector banks, weighed down by their respective non-performing assets (NPAs), are losing lead banking relationships with Indian corporate … Source link

How to Stop a Break Up From Happening – 3 Break Up Advice to Prevent You From Losing Your Ex Forever (ex advice break up)

(ex advice break up) Are you wondering how to stop a break up from happening? If you are reading this article, chances are you are facing one of the following 2 situations: 1) You have not broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend yet. However, you can sense that something is goingwrong with your relationship. […]

DELETING SOON!!! – – sorry I’ve not really been posting,, just losing motivation…

#relationship memes Source

relationship quotes | •-I Am Losing Interest In Everything Except My Bed🥀 …

#relationship memes Source

3 Rules For Dating Online Without Losing Your Sanity

I’ve been thinking a lot about online dating lately as the conversation has come up numerous times with my clients and in The Dating Cocktail Lounge. The thing is that no one really seems to like online dating. It’s almost as if dating online has become something we simply have to tolerate to date in […]

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