How to Get Your Ex Lover Back Advice

Your ex lover was a special person in your life, but you didn’t know how to hold on to his/her heart and now he/she is gone. Still, it may not be too late to stop your break up. Hence, do follow my advice on how to get your ex lover back. Advice 1. Look at […]

Qui a fait déborder le vase Quand la coupe est pleine, que la situation fait tro…

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mybigiguana, (?) If you wanna be My lover, you gotta get With my iguanas….

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9 Ways to Become a Better Lover, Friend & Life Partner to Black Women

The 2019 male panelists with our moderator Gina B. By Zondra Hughes; photos, Cabryl Breotti and Zondra Hughes “Look at that box of chocolates,” a woman coos as she enters the room. In her sights was an assortment of 9 distinguished, attractive, Black men, holding court during the 8th Annual Six Brown Chicks’ relationship panel, […]

relationship quotes | Is that the best kind? ( ・・・ I want a romantic and passionate lover with an …

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Ravish Your Lover With Dirty Talking And Dirty Conversation Tonight For Mind Blowing Sex

One way for a man to really get into his strong masculine energy is to use dirty talking and dirty conversation in bed to really ravish a woman. Most women crave to be taken with a strong man. You only have to read any romantic literature to see what a woman wants. She wants to […]

Do You Consider Yourself A Good Lover

Do you consider your self a appropriate lover? are you even be aware of what it takes to be exact in bed?   In order to be a awesome lover you must be capable of pleasing a woman. It’s all about her orgasm first. You must be in a position to carry her to climax […]

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