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Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriage has been the traditional way of conducting marriages from the ancient times. Much have changed in the modern world and today in many parts of the world especially the western part, marriage decision is totally left to the two individuals who decide to live together based on love, trust and commitment to each […]

Prenuptial Agreements – The Before Marriage Divorce Contract

A prenuptial agreement, also called a "pre-nup", or "premarital agreement", is an agreement made by couples planning to get married. The pre-nup governs how issues such as dividing financial assets, and alimony will be deal with if the marriage should end in a divorce. Without a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement, a divorced couple of property […]

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Looking For Marriage? The Qualities of a Good Wife

Are you looking for marriage? If you are a man, and you are looking to get married, you will want to find the qualities of a good wife. Now, why would you want to do that? You see, it’s been said that a good marriage is the closest thing to heaven on earth. However, if […]

Common Marriage Mistakes And Making The Marriage Successful

Every marital relationship begins with a lot of hope and dreams about life-long connection filled with love and togetherness. Really, only a few of marriages actually do fulfill the hopes of the participants and bring together a wholeness state of mind. Why? We’re too wrapped up in the idea of the body as who we […]

Communication Mistakes in Marriage Relationships – 5 Common Communication Blockers

Do you know how some couples have trouble communicating in their marriage relationships? “We just can’t communicate” is one of the most common complaints among couples. Read on to discover five common mistakes that quickly shut down communication. Our words are like a fire There is a passage in the Bible that compares our tongue, […]

A Ho can be male or female, if you cant turn one into a housewife, you cant turn…

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‘What’s that, he’s an ex drug dealer with three kids and no prospects for the fu…

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The Hidden Agenda Behind Marriage

Eugenia, twenty-three years old, is a pretty and confident lady from a secure and well-to-do family. Her family doted on her since she was an only child – and she grew up with the idea that the world was her oyster. She then met Laud, twenty-six and just out of his degree course in Business […]

Marriage Myths That Newlyweds Should Never Believe If They Want A Healthy Relationship | Eric Williams

All relationship-related beliefs aren’t great beliefs for your relationship. Congratulations! You’re married now and the world is awaiting your relationship’s identity and influence. Welcome to the world of helpful and unhelpful solicited and unsolicited marriage advice. Even before the honeymoon, most newlyweds have probably heard a lot about what married life is like from others who […]

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