Ask Sean: "My ex is getting married and I feel… weird about it."

This column is my advice on your most burning questions about guys. … boyfriend for four years and we're in a committed and loving relationship. Source link

15 married people share marriage advice for engaged couples. Buy separate blankets.

Marriage can be a beautiful thing, but it takes a lot of work. Most rewarding things in life do. Like any other type of relationship, marriage requires … Source link

Heidi Klum secretly married Tom Kaulitz

Model Heidi Klum secretly married singer, Tom Kaulitz. … But just one piece of advice it is easier to hide weddings that engagement because the ring … Source link

Married couples should make financial decisions together

Married couples should make financial decisions together … Can you give me some advice? … Managing money in a marriage is a “we” thing. Source link

My girlfriend loves me but does not want to get married

She is happy being in a relationship with me but marriage does not seem to be her cup of tea. What should … Want expert advice for your relationship? Source link

I'm About to Start an Affair With a Married Man

How to Do It is Slate's sex advice column. Send your questions for Stoya and Rich to Dear How to Do It,. I am a cis het lady in … Source link

5 Things Every Healthy Married Couple Does

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was a sophomore in high school and met Russ for the very first time. My heart fluttered the first time we spoke and when I found out he was a preacher’s kid. He was everything I ever imagined my future spouse to be—a Christian, seeking […]

Love the One You’re With – Staying Married Through the Hard Times

You often hear of people staying in unhappy marriages for the sake of their children Well, recent research suggests that it is not just children who benefit from sticking it out through the tough times. Yes, sometimes divorce is necessary but will getting out of a bad marriage necessarily make a person happier? Not according […]

I'm wildly sexually attracted to this married man, but I see no future together other than sex: Ask Ellie

Q: I've been having an affair since September and am wildly sexually … you're bragging yet feeling guilty about cheating without love or romance as excuses. … Ellie Tesher is an advice columnist for the Star and based in Toronto.

How Do I Get My Wife To Want Sex Like She Did When We First Married?

When you and your wife first married, was the sex life the two of you shared really great? And, after a relatively short period of time, did the frequency-level and passion-level drop off significantly… such that now, the sex life the two of you share is a major source of frustration for you? If yes, […]

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