4 Mistakes to Avoid When Describing Yourself on Dating and Matchmaking Sites

While we have strong opinions about people we interact at home or at work, you will be surprised to know that people find it quite challenging to describe themselves. Describing yourself on paper is especially important when it comes to creating your online dating profile or profiles on matchmaking sites. You are not only expected […]

School bullies called me a ‘dumb blonde’ but I’m set to make my first million with an elite matchmaking service Towie stars love

AS A CHILD, Lisa Palmer was hounded by playground bullies who called her “dumb blonde” and said she’d amount to nothing. Now she’s an elite matchmaker whose clients include Hollywood actors, Towie stars and even royalty – and she’s set to make her first million by the end of the year. Lisa Palmer Lisa Palmer […]

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone,…

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dating tips for women | Matchmaking and Dating Tips For Women – Get Ready, Get Set, and Go Get Him!

#dating advice for women The Overview Dating can turn into endless cycles that lead to nowhere but if dating for marriage, dating takes on a new form. When commitment is involved, a new approach must be taken. I stress to not get up about dates or push too hard, but I also recognize that you […]

Many people get into marriage because they are being rushed due to age or biolog…


Matchmaking and Dating Tips For Women – Now That You Are There and Living Together As a Family

Living Together I am not big on the idea of unmarried couples living together. I think the public statement that marriage makes is an important aspect of a serious relationship. But if you insist on shacking up instead of tying the knot, it’s imperative that you draw up a “living together agreement.” Don’t depend on […]

Internet Dating Matchmaking: Computer Dating Advice – Let Me Ask, Is Your Potential Date for Real? (online dating advice)

(online dating advice) You arranged for a professional photographer to take photos of you. You used a top Professional Internet Dating Profile Writer to craft your online profile. You took action searching on and approaching the singles who attracted you and appeared to you. But then something strange happened: Mr. Too Perfect approached you and […]

Matchmaking and Dating Tips For Women Part 4 – Move it to the Next Date

Sure, I’ll Call You I tell all my clients not to say, “I’ll call you,” unless they are planning on actually calling. Men who have no intention of calling you again think they are being kind when they say they will, but they aren’t. They are lying to you and that is extremely unkind. My […]

Matchmaking and Dating Tips For Women – Relationship Flags and His Children

Periods of Distance Moments of closeness with your man may be followed with periods of distance. This is natural for men, especially when they begin to feel close to a woman. He may feel his autonomy is being threatened or he is beginning to realize that he wants to spend the rest of his life […]

Matchmaking – Unity in Dreams & Goals With Matchmaking Dating – (relationship goals)

(relationship goals) How’s your self-matchmaking in the dating seeking world going? Have you found your dream date yet or are you still searching? If you have found this special someone, do you have unity in your dreams and goals in your relationship? Not only is compatibility in personalities and characters in dating relationships important, unity […]

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