4 Mistakes to Avoid When Describing Yourself on Dating and Matchmaking Sites

While we have strong opinions about people we interact at home or at work, you will be surprised to know that people find it quite challenging to describe themselves. Describing yourself on paper is especially important when it comes to creating your online dating profile or profiles on matchmaking sites. You are not only expected […]

How to Get Your Girlfriend Back – Avoiding the Twelve Biggest Breakup Mistakes and "Pet Cemetery" | Breakup Advice

In this article I will be introducing you to “Pet Cemetery Persuasion” and why it is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to salvage a relationship. Learning the differences between this faulty type of persuasion and the more elegant methods will not only help you get your girl back but ensure […]

Caroline Flack: Love Island 2019 host opens up about ‘mistakes’ in her love life | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Caroline Flack, 39, recently opened up about certain “decisions” she has made in her love life. The Love Island 2019 host, who split from her fiancé Andrew Brady, 27, last summer, spoke out about “falling in love with the wrong person” in a candid interview with You magazine. She explained: “Sometimes you’re going to make […]

Kick-Start Your Client Relationships with These 6 Icebreakers | Everything Relations (Advice)

As a member of ReminderMedia’s Client Success team, I’ve helped real estate agents at all stages of their career—from brand new REALTORS® to top producers who’ve been in the game for years. Through those conversations, I’ve learned a lot about the pain points that agents experience every day. One thing I’ve noticed in particular is […]

Common Marriage Mistakes And Making The Marriage Successful

Every marital relationship begins with a lot of hope and dreams about life-long connection filled with love and togetherness. Really, only a few of marriages actually do fulfill the hopes of the participants and bring together a wholeness state of mind. Why? We’re too wrapped up in the idea of the body as who we […]

Communication Mistakes in Marriage Relationships – 5 Common Communication Blockers

Do you know how some couples have trouble communicating in their marriage relationships? “We just can’t communicate” is one of the most common complaints among couples. Read on to discover five common mistakes that quickly shut down communication. Our words are like a fire There is a passage in the Bible that compares our tongue, […]

Women Reveal The Biggest Mistakes Guys Make When Sleeping Around

Whether you just got out of a relationship or you’ve always been a platinum-level Tinderite, every man goes through a ‘devil may care’ era at some point in his life. One Romeo-esque encounter turns into another, and before you know it every time you look in the mirror you give yourself a wink and call yourself […]

How To Get Your Ex Back: 15 Crucial Relationship Mistakes and What to Do Instead

Discover the most common mistakes people make together, and what you should be doing to rekindle your relationship rather than continue making the same mistakes! * How spending not enough time together can capsize your relationship, and how it can create problems that turn you against each other! * Why each other’s bad habits and […]

The 10 Biggest Online Dating Mistakes | The Jewish Press – JewishPress.com | Alan Avitan | 16 Adar II 5779 – March 22, 2019

Photo Credit: Wikipedia In the fast-paced digital age we live in there are few things that have become immune to the rapid rise in efficiency, dating being no exception. The modern dating landscape has rapidly changed from offline to online, from long awkward phone calls to quick easy chats. As an online dater myself, I […]

The mistakes you should avoid when it comes to online dating – The Upcoming

The mistakes you should avoid when it comes to online dating 22 March 2019 Everything appears to be done online now, including dating. No one has the time to meet someone face-to-face. Others prefer not to. Some of the people you meet face-to-face can be bad karma. It is ironic in a way. Most people […]

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