Marriage: When the woman is older

Relationship experts react … … But for Benjamin Ugbana, “A love relationship is about love. … My advice is that we should be divinely directed. Source link

Not just biology: Why sex becomes less satisfying for older women

Most women will experience menopause between the ages of 45 and 55, … in libido was due to relationship problems, logistics and perceptions of ageing. … like an embarrassing topic, it's important to know there is help available. Source link

Top Ways To Pick Up Older Women

How to pick up older women? I am sure you must have thought about this if you are in to women who are older than you, women who are either in their late twenties or older than that. Why do you think many men prefer to date and seduce older and more mature women? Some […]

Mature Seduction – How to Seduce an Older Woman

Everyone is talking about the “cougar” – that infamous older woman who knows how to turn on the sex appeal and snag a much younger man. This is not a new phenomenon as women like Mrs. Robinson were well aware of the power of mature seduction in movies such as The Graduate. However, more and […]

The Ethical Challenges of Working With Older Adults

Marie Jones is a 73-year-old woman who lost her husband last year after almost 50 years of marriage. Her complaints are memory problems, poor appetite, and low energy. Mrs. Jones told her physician that her children think she should move into a retirement community, but she is hesitant to give up her home. If Mrs. […]

Sex With an Older Woman? 3 Unusual Tips for Making Love to a Cougar

Are you in a relationship with an older woman? Is there a woman at work you find incredibly sexy, and want to get to know a bit better? What do experienced women prefer in bed? Are there things that “older” women like when it comes to sex, that younger women don’t? Any of these questions […]

Male Chastity and the Older Man

Somewhat unfairly male chastity is generally looked at as a sexual kink, which means we implicitly assume it’s going to be a “young couple’s” kink. And this stereotype is reinforced by the number of young men out there who are drawn to the lifestyle by their desire to curb their excessive masturbation. Some of them […]

Older Guy, Younger Girl? How Alpha Males Handle The Age Issue When Attracting Young Women

Let me tell you about one of the biggest nightmares you might encounter as a man trying to establish a connection with a woman while attempting to pick her up. It starts like this. You are talking to a cute young girl and you can feel the sexual sparks flying. You’ve got a pretty good […]

Attractive Older Women – A New Threat to Relationships

I know you have been wondering why a modern man takes ages to commit but wonder no more. There are attractive older women who do not ask for too much from men. They just want a good time. That too little to ask for the already scarce single gentlemen. These women are sexy, intelligent and […]

Older Women, Younger Men, and our Fascination with Them

There’s a reason Sex and the City is so popular. Women everywhere are learning to celebrate being single and to stop judging themselves on the nature of their marital status. This new trend is fairly recent, but being single has finally become a distinction to be proud of. That’s not to say that women in […]

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