The Love – Hate Relationship in American Politics – A Book Review

They say you should not talk about religion or politics in mixed company, and yet, that's exactly what people want to talk about. Especially politics, and everyone has an opinion, and they are saying to tell you, and explain why. And if you disagree, well God help you, because they are going to convince you […]

How one website is taking aim at making online dating safer – Press Release

Good Girls Like Bad Boys, an innovative online dating site, understands the challenges and concerns of today’s complex dating landscape. They’re the only dating website that lets users see background checks on potential matches before deciding to interact with them. New research by Kaspersky, a leading cyber-security and research firm, found that those who were […]

Generation Y – Shaping the Workplace and the Politics of Nations

Born during a baby bulge, this group is more than three times the size of Generation X. They’re the biggest thing to hit the North American scene since the gigantic cohort of Baby Boomers. Although this “echo boom” rivals its parent’s generation in size, in almost every other way, it is very different. This generation […]

Quickflirt.com: Best Online Dating Site for Hearts That Are Single – Press Release

Relationship and dating The rules of socialising never remain the same. They keep changing from a generation to its next. Similarly, dating has also evolved through the ages. Relationships have become a common topic among people, whereas, earlier it was something that used to be kept private or talked only personally. Today, the world takes […]

EXCUSES ARE FOR THE WEAK . . . . . . . . . …

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