Chinese Dating App for Queer and Lesbian Women Reportedly Left 5.3 Million Profiles Exposed

Promotional images from Chinese lesbian dating app Rela, 2017.Screenshot: Rela (Quartz) A Chinese dating app for lesbian and queer women exposed the profiles and private data of over 5.3 million users, TechCrunch reported on Wednesday, possibly since June 2018. The app, Rela, reportedly vanished from app stores in 2017, with Reuters noting similar apps had […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MANIFESTO GLEITZEIT 2015 BY STELLY RIESLING Featured below is another original art work of mine in homage to THE PIONEER OF INVISIBLE ART — PAUL JAISINI. Forget all the copycats that came after him — Master Paul Jaisini was the *FIRST* of a totally original concept and the *BEST*. My favorite thing about him is that […]

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