15 Reasons to Masturbate Right Now | Dating & Relationships Advice (Women)

Editor’s note: Sex and relationship advice columnist Yana Tallon-Hicks is currently on maternity leave. While she’s gone, we’re reprinting some of her best columns of the past several years, and are looking forward to her return in September. In the mean time, she’s still interested in getting your questions about sex, relationships, pregnancy, and after-baby, […]

Reasons To Reconcile A Marriage – 5 Reasons

After a long and hard argument with your spouse or ex-spouse, it can feel like all of the energy has been drained right out of you. When you know somebody as intimately as you do your husband or wife, you really know how to push each others’ buttons. Of course, fighting just once in a […]

10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Date A Younger Woman

Is it just me or can you not go anywhere the moment without hearing the word “cougar“? Demi Moore, Evelyn Gloria, Caroline Flack? I get it. They’re more experienced, kind of like dating Stifler’s mom, and they’ll probably whip you in bed. All valid reasons. However I do feel that I should be bottling the […]

She Rejected You – Some Reasons Why It Happened & What You Can Do

There is just something that makes women NOT get attracted to men who have lower STATUS than themselves. There is always tension when a lady is taller than her man, she makes more money than him or when a guy is being ‘led around’ by his girlfriend or wife.. SCENE 1 You ask the lady […]

When a Guy Stops Calling You – Reasons Why Guys Don’t Call and How To Get Him Back

When a guy stops calling you, it is hard to understand what is going on. This is possibly one of the most common sources of frustration for women during dating. You meet a man and everything is going along just fine. You’re enjoying his attentions and you feel like you’ve met “the one”. He seems […]

Why Do Guys Move on So Quickly? Some True Reasons Behind Why Some Men Just Move on Really Fast

We have seen it happen all around us. From celebrities to the guy you have been dating, all seem to have one thing in common. They all manage to move on quite fast while we sit around moping and weeping for them. Here are some of the reasons why guys seem to move on quickly. […]

Five Reasons You May Need a Family Law Attorney During a Divorce Floral Arrangements and Gift Baskets for Any Occasion! Click Here! Most people have watched the drama of unhealthy marriages break apart around them, and also across the big screen. The scene is all too common; fights ensue over custody, investments, vacation homes, and whatever else bound man and wife together through their courtship. A […]

Several Reasons For A Divorce And The High Demand Of Divorce Lawyers In Rural Areas

Many people used to go to church and looked after their families. Today’s statistics show that there are less people who do this and therefore the need for divorce lawyers has become widespread. Census data from 2010 reveals that break ups in rural areas are fast increasing and there is more need for these lawyers. […]

Many People Get Married for Foolish Reasons

As most of us know, marriage is a commitment. It is proof that you have given yourself to someone that you really love in order to show him or her that you really want to give your heart to him (her) for the rest of your life. When you are married to someone, you show […]

Wrong Reasons For Getting Married – (1) Marrying Out of Sympathy

There are right and wrong reasons for getting married. The worst thing a person can do to oneself is to marry a wife or husband for the wrong reason. There are quite a number of wrong reasons why people marry. One of the wrong reasons and perhaps among the most prominent of the wrong reasons […]

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