My Idea of Passionate Romance

Romance Red red roses that fill the space with its simple beautiful fragrance, one that’s so of beauty and simply allures simply anybody around. A soft candle lit dinner, heart formed balloons adorned wherever it fits best, chocolates and flowing music ready to fill your senses and permit you to merge on through the night. […]

Where Did the Romance Go?

  She loved it when he used to send her flowers and take her out dancing. Their dates made her feel special. Somehow though, their dates gradually changed from a night out with dinner and dancing to staying home with take-out food and movie rentals. Soon, they did not even go out for the videos, […]

Have Vanderpump Rules Stars Kristen Doute Brian Carter Rekindled Their Romance?

When Kristen finally met Brian Carter on a dating app, love blossomed and the two began their journey of … By all accounts, Carter has been her best relationship thus far. … Kristen ignored the sage advice from Stassi and Katie? Source link

Romantic Questions For Couples – 10 Conversation Starters to Get the Romance Flowing

Here are 10 romantic questions for couples. They’re great conversation starters. But even more, these romantic questions for couples will help you deepen the romance in your relationship. When you want to ask these, or any other deep questions, make sure you are in a place which is conducive to conversation. Also, don’t start arguments […]

Modern romance will be the death of me

#dating memes   Source

Romance – The 10 Biggest Misconceptions

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for over 25 years or are just starting out, we all have our own idea of what romance is. Romance is an essential element of every successful and passionate relationship. Usually relationships start with romance but life has a tendency to interfere. I have listed below what I believe […]

People who lie on dating apps — what’s the point?

Earlier this week, dating app Tinder announced they were introducing height verification as an attempt to put an end to all those 5’8″ dudes claiming they are really 5’11”. The company declared that gentlemen should upload a picture of themselves near a commercial building. Their new technology would then use this image to calculate the […]

11 best ways to meet someone in real life #Life #Dating #Romance #Advice

11 best ways to meet someone in real life #Life #Dating #Romance #Advice Source by haikuandkysses

The Gutsy Geek™ Gives Singles the Cheat Codes for Romance in Informative & Funny Articles

When Rami began blogging, his primary objective in life was to get a date on Saturday night. Under the moniker The Gutsy Geek, he wrote about the strategies he used and the lessons he learned along the way. He focused on short-term tactics and dating hacks men could use to attract women at a bar […]

TOWIE SPOILER: Chloe Sims breaks down in TEARS as Dan confronts her about their romance

Chloe Sims will struggle to contain her emotions in Sunday’s The Only Way Is Essex, as Dan Edgar finally confronts her about their Thailand fling. In first look snaps, Chloe is left in tears as Dan asks where they stand on their relationship, after finally returning home from their sunny break. The show will also […]

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