Not just biology: Why sex becomes less satisfying for older women

Most women will experience menopause between the ages of 45 and 55, … in libido was due to relationship problems, logistics and perceptions of ageing. … like an embarrassing topic, it's important to know there is help available. Source link

8 Signs You’re Not Satisfying Your Partner In Bed : Relationship Advice – Backing The Pack

Source: 8 Signs You’re Not Satisfying Your Partner In Bed : Relationships – Backing The Pack

How Can You Overcome the Fear of Change and Become Able to Develop a Satisfying Relationship?

You might be controlled by the fear of change. When you have a relationship that isn’t satisfying, you’re afraid to make changes or leave and give up the known and familiar, fearing pain and others’ reactions. When single, you hesitate to look for a partner out of fear of changing a way of life you […]

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