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Goals, Love It Or Leave It – The Secret Behind Achieving Your Dreams

After many lost goals, I am always left wondering why I am constantly setting goals and not achieving most of them. You might be just like me. Always excited at setting goals. We write it down, make it measurable, specific and all that. Then we just put them away in a drawer somewhere or let […]

7 Power Tips to Jumpstart Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the ideas, values, and beliefs that you hold about yourself and how you feel that you are viewed and perceived by the world. Your self-esteem feeds your self-concept, which in turn fuels your mental health and overall sense of well-being. According to Nathaniel Branden: “If you feel inadequate to face challenges, feel unworthy […]

The Recipe For Self-Esteem

This thing called Self-Esteem is a combination of many things. As complicated as it might seem I will list some of the ingredients that are baked into it so you get an idea how it’s made. You might not agree with who I believe makes it, but you can’t deny what goes into making it. […]

Getting A Handle on Herpes – Uplifting, Empowering, and Informative

Getting a Handle on Herpes, by P.A. Arnold is a new eBook publication that is nothing short of informative, unique, and at times painfully humorous. Anyone who has contracted Herpes Simplex I or II will find the information in this book enlightening and extremely helpful. Arnold discusses viruses early in the book, and then gets […]

Women’s Issues – Tips for Healthy Living

Women of all ages should visit their gynecologists for an annual physical examination to maintain optimum health. If they are sexually active, their annual physical should include a Pap smear test, which is a test that detects cervical cancer. The Pap smear has played an enormous role in decreasing the cervical cancer rate among young […]

7 Ways You Can Make Your Company a Great Place to Work

Losing a great employee is costly. Your company loses time, money, and the information stored in that person’s brain about how things work well and what to do next. It’s clear that employee retention is a priority for you as a leader and for those working with people in your company, which is probably everyone […]

Love Advice for Relationship Equilibrium

So what is a state of love equilibrium? Well here my friends we will address the very relevant issues of love & relationship equilibrium – pertaining to love advice. Elements of love Relationship Equilibrium: Fun; No two people in any love relationship are ever the same. But one things for sure – without FUN present, […]

Qualities of a Good Neighbour

Neighbour are part and parcel of our life. They are ones who are separated from us by just a boundary of wall. They are closest people who live beside us more than our other close relatives who live at a far-off place. As the old biblical quote says ‘Love thy neighbour as thy self’. It […]

Plastic Surgery Recovery Tips

For many adults, the decision to undergo plastic surgery is a life-changing one. Virtually every person has something about his appearance that he or she dislikes, and almost all of us spend time at the mirror every day examining those flaws we hope nobody else notices. However, in some cases, the physical imperfection can affect […]

7 Tips For Spirituality – Making A Connection

This article on tips for spirituality came about as the result of work done with people in addiction recovery. The concepts are applicable to most every one however. The question is often asked, what can I do to improve my spirituality? Addiction can be viewed as a disease of isolation, becoming disconnected to life. Addiction […]

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