Proper Ways of Separating Sectional Sofas

If you’re thinking of getting sectional sofas for your living room, you can be sure of having versatile furniture that can breathe life into your most creative interior design concepts. These can be split, combined, and rearranged with other items in the room. Some decorators discourage separating a sectional sofa since this may make your […]

I used to think I was going to be the one to change him from his ways because I …

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10 Ways to Boost Self Esteem

There are many ways to boost self esteem. Self esteem is the positive or negative attitude one feels about themselves. Portraying yourself to be a certain way in your mind will eventually lead to disappointment. Here are ten ways that helps to boost your self esteem. 1. Avoid Negative People Don’t let people’s negative perception […]

9 Ways to Become a Better Lover, Friend & Life Partner to Black Women

The 2019 male panelists with our moderator Gina B. By Zondra Hughes; photos, Cabryl Breotti and Zondra Hughes “Look at that box of chocolates,” a woman coos as she enters the room. In her sights was an assortment of 9 distinguished, attractive, Black men, holding court during the 8th Annual Six Brown Chicks’ relationship panel, […]

Victims of Narcissistic Abuse – Ways to Rebuild Your Self-Esteem

When you have a brief encounter with a narcissist, you might not realize that the person has a personality disorder which is typified by being very self-absorbed and lacking in empathy for others. However, when you are a target of narcissistic abuse, and are in a relationship with this person, your every day life becomes […]

5 ways to find career compatibility with your life partner

In 2019, more men and women are entering the workforce than before, pushing many of society’s antiquated norms. Just a few decades ago, men were often the only ones to venture into the workforce, leaving women to tend growing families and other household responsibilities. Now that many couples are pursuing simultaneous careers, the dynamics of […]

High Self Esteem Tips and the Most Important Ways to Improve Them

Introduction Self-esteem definition The esteem word comes from a Latin word which means “estimate.” This means that self-esteem is how one estimates or regards themselves. Self-esteem can be caused by both internal and external factors. Self-esteem could also be defined as the reflection of one’s overall subjective emotional evaluation of their worth. It’s basically the […]

Three Fast and Easy Ways to Increase Self-Love

One of the most common questions I hear from clients is this: EVERYONE KEEPS TELLING ME TO “LOVE MYSELF” BUT WHAT DOES THAT LOOK LIKE AND HOW DO I DO IT? I’ll begin with my favourite quote on self-love, which comes from Lucille Ball: Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really […]

5 Ways To Avoid Awkward Questions After Divorce And Separation

Anne was shocked and upset last week when a colleague turned around and said: “So who wanted the divorce? Whose choice was it?” She was taken back, because neither of them wanted the divorce! No one goes into a marriage “wanting” a divorce she thought. She said it shocked her because whilst, she was the […]

3 Ways To Be The Man That A Beautiful Romanian Woman Is Seeking

The legend says that Casanova was the only man who became famous because he knew how to make a woman feel special. Even if he had relationships with hundreds of women, it seems that he knew how to make each of them feel unique, loved and protected. You don’t have to be a Casanova of […]

3 Effective Ways on How to Get Him to Propose Sooner

Every woman dreams about walking down the aisle but for some reason (tell me if I’m wrong) it seems that women today are pressured to get married more than ever. There is so much expectation dictated by the society, add to that the advent of Facebook and Twitter where we know who among our colleagues […]

Beginner Piano Lessons on Different Ways to Break Up Chords in Your Left Hand

Ok this is a beginner piano lessons so we are just going to use basic chords like lets take the basic C major chord. Ok we can just play the song playing C, E, G and just break up those three notes in the left hand. But that really would get boring so lets take […]

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