Write the Happiest Story You Can in Four Words

Write the Happiest Story You Can in Four Words My friend Emily posted on her Insta stories today that she won a contest on Instagram, writing the happiest story she could using only four words (her story: “Mitch McConnell hemorrhoids forever.” ). It sounded so fun, I’m stealing the idea and inviting you all to […]

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How to Write a Better Online Dating Profile

The number one tip when writing online dating profiles is to make it unique. Sit down with a pad and pencil and write out some interesting points about yourself. Any hobbies you like that are different from the norm. Basically what you want to do here is give an impression of who you are. Write […]

How to Write Dating Profiles so Sizzlingly Enticing They'll Be Beating a Path to Your Door! (online dating profile examples)

(online dating profile examples) The eleven tried and tested tips that will spice up your online dating life immediately … Success in online dating depends entirely on how you project yourself in that little personal ad you put on a dating site. What you put in that personal profile can be the difference between having […]

How to Write an Online Dating Profile That Works! (online dating profile examples)

(online dating profile examples) Whoa, she is actually interesting besides being cute. I think to myself if I could at least meet her, the thirty dollars I have to peel off my credit card for joining will actually be worth it. That one profile got me hooked. I sit down and craft a profile that […]

Online Dating – How To Write A Great Personal Ad(online dating profile examples)

(online dating profile examples) Women joining an online dating site will find that one of the very first tasks is to write their own online dating profile. This is the information men will look at and decide whether they want to meet you. This is your opportunity to put your best self forward. This is […]

Ladies, 3 Tips to Write the Best Online Dating Profile(online dating profile tips)

(online dating profile tips) OK…the time has come. You finally secretly joined several online dating services. Now you must write that all-important profile. There are 3 tips to writing the best online dating profile. But wait! You might be saying, “It’s now or never”. You might be scared. The profile you write will attract attention […]

Gay Dating – How To Write A Fantastic And Appealing Gay Personal Ad

The first step is to join a gay dating singles sites. There are two great free ones if you don’t want to spend any money. Once you become a member of one or two gay dating sites it’s time to create your profile. First off you have to think of you are gay personal ad […]

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