Has Addiction affected your relationship?


What to do If your breakup was over an addiction problem?

Below are some steps to take when dealing with an ex who has an addiction

Did your break-up happen because, either you or your partner were suffering from an addiction problem? There still may be some hope left. If you want to get back with your ex, then first make sure that the addiction has been removed from the equation. You must only try and get back with your ex if you have been fully cured of your addiction. If it was your partner, then make sure that he or she is now completely free of the addiction.

If you are trying to get back with your ex who was addicted to smoking, drinking, or drugs, and if that person has now overcome this addiction, then you must first acknowledge him or her and appreciate them for taking this step as it is a very big step to take for anyone who suffers from any kind of addiction. Start with telling them how proud you are of them. Such words of appreciation are sure to give your ex a renewed sense of confidence. You should also tell you ex that you are happy that he or she will finally be able to lead a normal life and potentially enjoy life together. See if the time is right, and if it is, then express your desire of reviving your relationship with him or her. Although your ex is most likely to be ecstatic at the thought of the two of you getting back, you must not get disheartened if his or her answer is a resolute ‘no’. There can be two probable reasons for a negative answer in this case. First, your ex has met someone else. Or he or she finds the experience of addiction and then rehab too embarrassing to commit him or herself in a relationship. In case of former, there is not much you can do about the situation but wish your ex all the best in his or her ‘new’ life. But if latter is the reason then maybe you can try to convince your ex about the idea of getting back together, you can instill some confidence and self-esteem in him or her and them your ex and you are still very much in love with him or her. These arguments should be enough to make your ex realize how much he or she means to you.

In another scenario of your partner breaking up with you due to your addiction problems, you must first seek counseling about your situation and get enrolled in a rehab center. If that is too much start with getting family members involved, let them know about the problem. Once you have been detoxified, only then should you think about your relationship. But in case your addiction continues, then, you can give up all hopes of getting back with your ex. No one wants to spend his or her life with a habitual smoker, drinker, or a drug addict. Try thinking about it from both sides, would you want to be involved with someone with a addiction problem? Only when you are completely cured of your addiction should you make any contact with your ex. Tell him or her that you are no longer a controlled by any sort of addiction, and are working towards a normal, healthy life. Express some goals and follow through with them,While you are at it, you must also reveal your desire to get the relationship back to where you it was. You must make your ex see your true feelings for him or her. Maybe if you are completely honest about your situation and your love for your ex, he or she might consider picking up the relationship from where you two left it.